SInAPSi is the Center of the University of Naples Federico II responsible for supporting students with disabilities and learning disabilities
University Center SInAPSi offer to all the students who experience some difficulties in their study or in the university life for their disabilities or for their temporary problems a wide range of services. SInAPSi collaborates with the University's departments to assure the overall accessibility either from architectural or technological and didactical aspects. The Center makes researches and experiments with new inclusion models in the social and educational field.
At the moment the University of Naples has about 1200 students with disabilities and as many with ASD, however, this number is growing rapidly.
Each Italian University has a service for students with a disability by law, SinAPSI stands out for the highest number of employees and for being more than once recognized as a national excellence.
SiNAPSi provides the following services:
∙ Disability services;
∙ Services for specific learning disorders;
∙ Services for successful training;
∙ Services of anti-discrimination and culture of differences;
∙ Services for the promotion of employability.
SINAPSi, looks to the individual in its entirety and complexity and puts in place targeted actions using skills in the areas of psychology, pedagogy, Sociology, and Bioengineering. The actions are carefully calibrated because they are based on the specific needs and difficulties.

Resources needed

The SiNAPSi budget is around 700 K Euro/year
8 Full time and 7 part time professional in the field of special education psychology and bioengineering constitutes the staff.
50 Volunteers paid directly by the National Government provide the most of the operative work for supporting students.

Evidence of success

The number of students with disabilities graduating each year.
In 2000 they were around 10 and now they are more than 140 .
The University has a self-evaluation report supported by University Evaluation Board
The ANVUR (National Evaluation Board) in the last report declared SiNAPSI the flagship of the University of Naples "Federico II"

Difficulties encountered

The students with learning disabilities and the job placement for degree-students with disabilities are the main challenges for the future. SiNAPSi has the following strategies:
Teacher awareness concerning the innovation of teaching methods.
Industry stakeholder awareness for the inclusion

Potential for learning or transfer

The SiNAPSi success key is the team multidisciplinarity. 5 University Professors (1 Director and 4 area co-ordinators from different disciplines Psychology Pedagogy and Bioengineering) have the leadership.
The University studies represent a key factor for improvement of society; the inclusion and accessibility is the crucial point for making university accessible to everybody.
The SiNAPSi organization is well documented and experience in these last 15 years and can be replicated in one year work.
The volunteer staff is very important for operative support and it can be replicated by using different recruitment methodologies.

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Main institution
University of Naples "Federico II"
Campania, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
December 2008
End Date


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