A successful case of incorporating CSR in retail market of sportwear
Cosmos Sport SA is a leader in the Greek retail market of sportwear. The company occupies 309 people, in 27 retail points (23 stores and 4 e-shops). Since, 1982 CSR is the core of their business. The company is very active in recycling paper, batteries and electrical devices. Reduction of energy consumption is achieved by replacement of lamps with LED lights, replacement of air condition devices with inverter etc. Through a wide range of campaigns and events tries to return the value to the society. During the past 5 years has created 200 job opportunities and held successful charity events such as "Heraklion Cosmos Sport Run" in cooperation with the Municipality of Heraklion and the support of Adidas. The action has managed to bring together and donate to the organization "Together we beat cancer" the sum of 6,500€ in total. In addition, has created and support "Cosmos We Care" team which implements, among other things, actions such as blood supply, the distribution of toys to hospitalized children, the creation of a "wall of kindness" at the company's premises. Employees are treated as the most valuable asset of the company; they enjoy equal opportunities during the selection procedures, professional development and salary, parent employees are encouraged to take the "Parent's Day off" in order to accompany their children at the 1st day at school and have the opportunity to use the company’s gym. The main beneficiaries are: employees, society and environment.

Resources needed

Labor hours, money resources

Evidence of success

• Recycling paper and packaging cartons (36 tons per year)
• Recycling of electrical appliances (1.200 kilos per year)
• Recycling of batteries (120 kilograms per year)
• Creation of 200 job opportunities during the past 5 years
• Donations of 6,500€ in total through "Heraklion Cosmos Sport Run"
• Distributing more than 1.000 pairs of shoes each year

Potential for learning or transfer

The approach of Cosmos Sport towards CSR is holistic. Also, the effort to implement responsible entrepreneurship is ongoing and its results are measurable and accessible. Thus, those who are interested in updating and adopting relevant practices, have the possibility to gain access to them. The experience that has been acquired of the implemented actions, could be transferred and disseminated.
Main institution
Cosmos Sport S.A.
Κρήτη, Greece (Ελλαδα)
Start Date
December 1995
End Date


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