A successful case of incorporating CSR in Super Markets
Chalkiadakis operates in the trade industry with 39 retail shops (Super Markets) and 1 home items shop, being one of the largest companies on Crete, employing over 1,200 employees. CSR for the company is philosophy, strategy and innovation and is fully integrated into the operations of the company. The company has adopted a range of measures towards environmental protection most of these measures consist of recycling actions such as oil recycling, which includes collection of used cooking fat and customers are rewarded for involving in the process with a bottle of bottled water for each bottle of used oil. The company, through its cooperation with local producers and suppliers, supports the local community in which it operates and develops. In addition, provides donations to school and medical equipment as well as supports cultural and athletic local events. Characterizing the manpower as its largest asset, Chalkiadakis has established an Academy, which started in 2010 and aims to the specialized training of all human resources in matters related to the subject of its employee’s work. Chalkiadakis applies a control system to all the agricultural products of Crete, which enables the customer to learn about every Cretan agricultural product they buy, through the e-cert platform, which includes details such as the place of production, the producer and the date when the product was picked. The main beneficiaries are: employees, society, environment, local producers and clients

Resources needed

In order to implement the aforementioned actions, the company uses its own financial and human resources.

Evidence of success

• Recycle 25,000 liters of used oil in 2016
• Recycle 1,200 tons of paper and plastic in 2016
• Recycle 3,280 kg of mixed batteries from 2007 to today.
• Recycle of Electrical Appliances (3,470 kilos in 2016).

Potential for learning or transfer

The Chalkiadakis SA Approach towards CSR is holistic. Also, the effort to implement responsible entrepreneurship is lasting and its results are measurable and accessible, thus acquiring the ability of those who are interested in updating and adopting relevant practices. There is the possibility to transfer and disseminate the CSR practices of the company that are listed in detail on its website.
Main institution
Chalkiadakis S.A.
Κρήτη, Greece (Ελλαδα)
Start Date
December 1980
End Date


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