MIP is aimed at spreading the entrepreneurship culture, stimulating new business ideas and fostering the establishment of successful enterprises.
MIP service has already a long history as it was set in 1994 to face the need of revitalizing the territorial economic structure due to the decline of the big industry.
MIP is a support service for enterprise creation. It consists in a set of integrated actions, aimed at spreading the entrepreneurship culture, stimulating new business ideas and fostering the establishment and development of successful enterprises.
MIP is promoted by the Città Metropolitana di Torino and is entirely free of charge, thanks to funding from the European Union (European Social Fund, ESF), Italian State and Piedmont Region.
MIP provides three types of support services:
1. Entrepreneurship support: information activities to support entrepreneurship and self-employment
2. Consultancy (ex ante assistance): advice for business creation / self-employment opportunities
3. Mentoring and consulting services for start-ups (ex post assistance).
The main stakeholder is Piedmont Region, that also manage all the financing.
The beneficiaries are all the people – employed and unemployed – of the territory who wish to start up a new enterprise.

Resources needed

In period 2007-2014 the financial resources were around 1.500.000 Euro per year from public funds: 40% European (ESF), 46% National, 14% Regional.
Human resources were 2 full time employees and 2 part time. MIP also makes use of external consultants for consultancy services.

Evidence of success

The evaluation report highlights the ability of MIP to support better enterprises than those autonomously created. MIP firms survive longer than the others: MIP firms still operative after 5 years from set-up are 25% more than Not-MIP firms.
The report shows also good results in terms of job creation: MIP firms show a better employees’ increase.
Also the economic growth seems more favourable. Direct interviews show that 50% of MIP entrepreneurs judge positively the company’s growth rate.

Difficulties encountered

The coordination of activities as well as the information diffusion in collaboration with other public bodies, particularly the municipalities, required a strong organization effort.

Potential for learning or transfer

The success of MIP project is largely based on the high quality of consultancy services provided.
The would-be entrepreneurs are the crucial target group, so the services provided should be built around their specific needs. This requires coherent territorial development policies and programmes (that support/finance enterprise incubators).
The several public institutions and agencies that deal with economic development, business creation, job market, enterprise support, etc. should cooperate and share joint objectives with incubator initiatives to assure successful interventions.
MIP has already been presented in some European projects: Interreg IV C project “IMAGEEN” and Med project “ENERGEIA”.

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Main institution
Città Metropolitana di Torino - Metropolitan City of Turin
Piemonte, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
May 1994
End Date


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