Solar powered E-paper screens give real time information about public transport in Coimbra.
- One of the factors contributing to a lower demand of public transport is the is the uncertainty about the arrival time
- To minimize this problem, the municipal transport services of Coimbra have implemented an innovative, low-carbon solution to provide real-time information to passengers at some of the city's bus stops. The panels consist in a solar powered e-paper technology that shows in real time the waiting time until the next buses, and also their respective line. The buses have installed a GPS that communicates with a platform real time location.
- Finally, an open data platform will be implemented, which includes information in real time allowing its use by other entities, as well as allowing the feeding of applications that will be developed at the initiative of the SMTUC
- The main beneficiaries of this good practice are the public transport users.

Resources needed

Each solar powered e-paper panel costed around 3.200€ (only the panel).

Evidence of success

The implementation is very recent, until now there was not complains about the system, and the population embrace it very well. Satisfaction inquiries will be performed soon.

Potential for learning or transfer

Real time information panels are something common e.g., for metro stations and trains but less common for bus stops in small-medium-sized cities. These systems can approximate people to public transport and every citizen would benefit from it. Specifically, because of its energy-saving properties, electronic paper has proved a technology suited to digital signage applications in bus stops.

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Main institution
Serviços Municipalizados de Transportes Urbanos de Coimbra
Centro (PT), Portugal
Start Date
March 2013
End Date


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