Slovenian Awards for Social Responsibility
The Award encourages stakeholder engagement and approach to introducing corporate social responsibility strategy in an integrated manner while recognising its interdependence. Since 2009, Slovenian award for social responsibility Horus helps businesses and organisations analyse the state of CSR and sustainable development. It promotes an organised approach to SR within the organisation and the involvement of different stakeholders in the preparation of CSR strategy. It helps to raise awareness of the importance of CSR at the national level and encourages companies to benchmarking of their best practices with others, including foreign good practices. There are three kinds of awards for legal entities Award for strategic integrity of the legal entity (for a strategic approach to SR by companies and institutions), Project Award (for economy, education and youth cooperation) and Press Recognition (award for the publications on CSR in the media). In addition, each year Horus publishes another three calls for proposals: Special acknowledgment to an organisation or individual working in social responsibility context, Special journalist award and Special award for Slovenes Abroad.

Resources needed

Yearly award budget is 10.000 EUR (60% of which goes for HR, production and promotion, 20% for subcontracting and 20% for material costs and award ceremony). The applicant contribute 50% of the funds, 40% the state and local authorities and 10% sponsors and donors

Evidence of success

In eight years, more than 100 legal entities and individuals participated in the process, including more than 30 independent evaluators every year.
The Slovenian award for social responsibility – Horus initiative, organised by IRDO and PRSS received the highest national recognition within the European Awards for the promotion of entrepreneurship project in the category Responsible and Inclusive Entrepreneurship awarded by the public agency SPIRIT in 2014.

Difficulties encountered

We believe that the CSR Award Horus should become a regular practice co-financed by the competent ministries, which would allow for a more intensive promotion of the initiative and increased participation of the business and public sectors.

Potential for learning or transfer

The project is already operating at the national level. The success of the project demonstrates the increasing number of applications by enterprises and other organizations, the number of partners supporting the project (more than 20), introduced CSR strategies in the companies and organizations and many positive effects reported by, mostly, companies. These effects are greater employee work motivation, employee innovations, business savings, increased media presence and increased company's reputation among the general public and other stakeholders. These effects were reported by the Horus winners (2009 to 2016) and some opinion leaders in the field of social responsibility in a 2016 survey, conducted by IRDO - Institute for the Development of Social Responsibility. Individual EU Member States already have their regional CSR awards; it might make sense to opt for an integrated approach and to introduce a joint strategic award in CSR field, to upgrade national practice as Horus.

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Main institution
Vzhodna Slovenija, Slovenia (Slovenija)
Start Date
January 2009
End Date


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