Certificate Family Friendly Enterprise (FFE) is a consulting-audit process
Certificate Family Friendly Enterprise (FFE) is a consulting-audit process developed as one of the tools for effective and quality human resources management within companies in the context of balancing professional and private lives of employees. The certificate was introduced in an environment in which Slovenian managers did not regard balancing of work and life as an issue for the workplace. The goal of introducing the certificate FFE was:
• To sensitize businesses about negative business impact of discriminating (potential) parents in the workplace and in the labour market.
• To provide businesses with tools for implementation of such HR policies that enable better balancing of work and family for their employees.
• To publicly recognize those organisations.
The Certificate is intended for private and public companies, institutions, NGOs and other entities with more than 10 employees.

Resources needed

Resources by certification process holder – Ekvilib Institute – coordination, (external) audit board and (external) consultants: approx.800€ per year/company.
Resources by the Ministry involved – for the project: 1.006.184,00 EUR (European Social Fund).

Evidence of success

Currently there are more than 200 companies-holders of FFE certificate with jointly more than 70.000 employees. Increasing number of managers publicly speak of satisfied employees as the most important aspect of a good company . Results of a survey conducted among around 6300 employees of 62 companies between 2012 and 2015 show that more than half of employees (55,5%) believe that their work-life balance improved due to the measures implemented through the certificate process.

Difficulties encountered

For the development of the certificate it turned out crucial to involve all social partners, to develop of a communication strategy, allocate funds for PR, make individual and regional certificate presentations and high-level state engagement at early stages.

Potential for learning or transfer

The “Family Friendly Certificate” methodology implemented in Slovenia is based on the system “European work & family audit”, developed by the German organization “Berufundfamilie”. The Slovenian certificate adopted the German methodology to the specifics of the Slovenian economic and legislative framework. Furthermore, the Slovenian certificate practice has been previously transferred to Estonia (holder: Civitta) and recently transferred to Serbia (holder: TMS CEE doo). Apart from transferring of the know-how and the brand, Ekvilib Institute assisted in the adaptation of the certificate to the Serbian environment.

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Main institution
Ekvilib Inštitut
Vzhodna Slovenija, Slovenia (Slovenija)
Start Date
April 2011
End Date


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