Economical waste management
Company’s main activity is economical waste management and its integration in the environment, thus socially responsible conduct in itself is expected and required. Important is a positive attitude towards customers employees, owners, state, local environment, core and wider community. The company invests its efforts in raising awareness, working with young people, employee satisfaction and striving for a clean natural environment. This also reflects our mission statement: "creating a healthy environment" and key corporate values, which are customer orientation, employee care, business excellence, economy, social responsibility. The practice is part of an integrated quality management system in the company and is carried out according to documented procedures, making it possible to monitor specific activities and to ensure their traceability. The practice is intertwined in all other systems of the company (Quality management in accordance with ISO 9001 and environmental management ISO 14001, reconciliation of work and family commitments - Family Friendly Enterprise Certificate, work health and safety system OHSAS 18001).

Resources needed

Practice is implemented as part of other business activities, which would be carried out either way, so the practice itself (or as a project) did not require substantial additional financial or human resources. It is intertwined with our core activities and therefore it is difficult to measure separ

Evidence of success

Winning the tender for Slovenian award for social responsibility Horus in the category of small enterprises in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016. Awarded the Socially Responsible Company Certificate, level C, by Ekvilib Institute (as one of the first companies, involved in the pilot project in 2016).Numerous other awards and achievements in specific areas (e.g. for the best measure of promotion of health in the workplace in the category of small businesses, Gold excellence rating AAA...

Potential for learning or transfer

It is a simple practice as part of other systems running in the company. It is constantly connected and intertwined with and in no way implemented separately from other processes implemented as part of the core activities taking place in the company. The practice is carried out according to the quality management system, which makes it straightforward, documented, traceable, controlled and easily managed. It includes all company’s stakeholders and is carried out on a daily basis through ongoing activities.
Main institution
Subermacher - Komunala Murska Sobota
Vzhodna Slovenija, Slovenia (Slovenija)
Start Date
April 1991
End Date


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