Network for Social Responsibility of Slovenia and Open Source of Sustainable
Network’s main objectives are to provide space, where organisations exchange knowledge, innovation and good practice in the field of CSR, to promote SR between organisations and to raise awareness of the benefits of socially responsible conduct, at individual level, organisational level and in society as a whole.
In 2014, the Network partnered with Zavod Viva and UN Global Compact Slovenia in organising a pioneering event “Open Source of Sustainable Innovations”. The event was envisioned as a brainstorming platform where participants would contribute to solving three business challenges in the field of sustainable development: how to market a sustainable product, how go gain support and secure partnerships, how to start SR strategy.

Resources needed

Network Coordination costs (annual): approx. 10.000 € (all activities + human resources: 1 part-timer (approx. 10% of work time))
For member organisations – membership fee: 50-2200 EUR (depending on the size and (non)profit nature of the member organisation.

Evidence of success

The network has currently 25 members. In 2017, the Network and partners organised the 5th annual conference on CSR Trends with international participation. The Networks monthly newsletter has over 500 addressees. All three challenges addressed at the “Open Source of Sustainable Innovations” are successful: Slovenian Philanthropy’s House of Fruits of Society is now operating in 6 cities across Slovenia and Iskraemeco implemented Fair Meter project.

Difficulties encountered

The ongoing challenge the network is facing is low engagement and lack of proactive approach of its members. Lack of time is usually the most important reason companies give for not participating more. One of the reasons for that can also be that the representatives of companies are mostly HR person

Potential for learning or transfer

An active CSR networks which are led by NGOs and contributed to by private sector are essential driving force especially in regions where the state is not actively promoting CSR. “Open Source of Sustainable Innovations” is good ways to engage members and wider interested public in actively solving specific challenges faced by companies and organisations and further promote CSR through successful implementation of solutions.

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Main institution
Ekvilib Inštitut
Vzhodna Slovenija, Slovenia (Slovenija)
Start Date
January 2011
End Date


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