Computer Charity Foundation has launched the donation program to roll-out BBC micro:bit for all 5th grade school kids in Lithuania.
The aim of this practice is to awaken children's desire to be interested in technology and technical creativity. It is expected that this project will provide more opportunities for the children of all regions to be creative in technology to learn programming, logic, robotics, and many other skills needed nowadays. At present, information technology is one of the most promising branches not only in Lithuania, but also in the whole world. BBC micro:bit computers can be programmed very simply as they were specifically designed for children and their skills, so they can easily take part in the creativity and technology world.
There was a lot of different thoughts and suggestions on which technology to choose - Raspberry PI 3, Raspberry PI Zero, Arduino UNO, Micro:bit, mCore device etc. In 4th February, 2017 the group of enthusiast had tried different micro computers with children and they decided that will continue to move with BBC micro:bit devices. The lovely part of this BBC micro:bit roll-out practice has been a huge success in UK.
The BBC micro:bit is a pocket-sized codeable micro computer with motion detection, a built-in compass and bluetooth technology, which was given free to every child in year 7 or equivalent across the UK in 2016. It measures 4cm by 5cm, is available in a range of colours, and designed to be fun and easy to use.
The foundation closely is working with private and public organizations such as municipalities all around the Lithuanian region.

Resources needed

There were at least 24585 5th grade school kids calculated in Lithuania in 2017. There is a need for at least 24.000 pieces of BBC micro:bit devices worth of 625.000 Eur.

Evidence of success

- 23-24th May 2017, the first BBC micro:bits hackaton has been organised during LOGIN fair festival.
- By the end of 2017, there were 18000 micro:bits collected and delivered for 5th grade kids all around the Lithuania. The roll out statistics are here:
- The first micro:bits competition of micro:bits of Lithuania has started for 23rd March until 8th May, 2018.
- The live show of micro:bits projects will be held on May 19th in Vilnius, 2018.

Difficulties encountered

- difficulty is to raise money in time for the whole roll out of devices.
- it is a challenge to provide training for all IT class teachers.
- afterlife existence of micro:bit device is a subject to the school staff.
- online learning material must be translated in local language.

Potential for learning or transfer

There is the BBC micro:bit foundation created to support and act as learning platform online and available to use world-wide.

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Main institution
Computer Charity Foundation
Lietuva, Lithuania (Lietuva)
Start Date
January 2017
End Date
December 2018


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