Ellaboration of an annual regional administration CSR report in order to be as transparent as possible
The government of Extremadura considers there is no better discourse of persuasion and conviction than the example. In this sense, our regional government and their public institutions are employers, consumers, investors and contractors entities. As such and even more so, because of its public nature, they must assume concrete obligations on consumption, responsible investment, as a fair and inclusive employer and as contractor, which prioritizes socially responsible enterprises. All this with the aim of achieving, if possible, labor, social and ecological excellence.
Law 15/2010 of Corporate Social Responsibility of Extremadura establishes the obligation of an annual report of the Government of Extremadura. It must include all the activities made by public administration on CSR and sustainability issues.
The CSR Office of the Government of Extremadura, in charge of the publication of this report, has tried to involve all departments and entities conforming the Regional Government. In this sense, every department has designated a representative to collect all the information belonging to that department and send it to the CSR Office who will agglutinate all the information received to elaborate the CSR report.

Resources needed

Participation of many public administration staff since the CSR Office has involved all the departments conforming the public administration.
As far as economic resources , some money is spent in the layout of the report document; the rest of the work is made with internal human resources.

Evidence of success

We start in 2011 and since then we have already published six annual reports, so we consider it a success in the sense that every year we try to involve more and more staff and try to be more accurate and transparent in the content of the report.

Difficulties encountered

The greatest difficulty was found in the elaboration of the first report, because the staff did not have a clear concept of what was the information needed for this kind of reports. The solution: train the staff on CSR and how to make a CSR report.

Potential for learning or transfer

It is undeniable the upward trend that Corporate Social Responsibility has presented in recent years. So much is so, that the number of annual sustainability reports published has increased significantly.
This interest in integrating Social responsibility criteria has not come only for the private sector, but also a series of governmental impulses have been given both at European level and at the state level in the case of Spain.
Responding to the current problems presented by the Administration is beginning to be complex through the classical criteria. Therefore, integrating CSR criteria based on increasing transparency, promoting public ethics and managing social, environmental and economic impacts would be a first step towards good governance in public sector.

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Main institution
D. General de Trabajo del Gob. de Extremadura
Extremadura, Spain (España)
Start Date
June 2017
End Date


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