The DIL is the Innovation skills training programme for the youth of the city that aims to give the necessary soft skills to our future workforce.
The programme intends to:
- Involve the local youth in city challenges, and bring their view into the decision-making processes for such challenges
- Build human capital: DIL offers a framework to train local youth and help them to develop innovation skills that will be highly demanded in the future labour market, as well as to put them in touch with the labour market.
- Raise social awareness on innovation and on city challenges. By involving schools and universities in an open innovation undertaking, it is possible to reach out to families and other social agents.

The programme is a key component of the San SebastiánConnecting Talent strategy in the fields of education and innovation. The 2017 challenge was to reclaim the Urumea River as one of the city core spaces. The makers were challenged to think the river as a reference site of the city, fostering the economic activity, attracting citizens and tourists, and turning it as a site for activities and events.

The main stakeholders of this practice are the education agents (Schools, High Schools, Vocational Training Centres and Universities) of the city. Obviously, the principal beneficiaries are the students, but also the teachers, as we manage to introduce them into the highly increased companies-demanded skills in the new labour market.
Part of the DIL activities are carried out in each stakeholder facilitwhile some other joint activities are carried out in specific locations in the city.

Resources needed

The programme is coordinated by Fomento San Sebastián, the city local economic development agency. Around 12.000 €, to cover the external services required: coaching and training of the “maker” teams, mentorship sessions, temporary facilities…, plus the cost of the staff involved.

Evidence of success

 Intensive work from june to october 2017
 5 city based schools
 600 students
 100 teams
30 dynamic sessions
Website and youtube channel
Specific visual identity and documents
Specific evaluation system: Dynamics and Final
Specific working formula…
Creation of a product
Canvas Business Model adapted.
A Guide to achieve “professional” ppt levels.
4 Experts mentoring in different fields such as innovative
project development, financing and technical viability.

Difficulties encountered

✔ The first edition requires big Human Resources efforts.
✔ Empowering our youth is key- surprising ideas and
✔ The selected project must be implemented. This requires a good guidance all along the process to avoid un-doable.

Potential for learning or transfer

The potential transfer to other cities is really high, as we have created an impact model, with every step really well established, with every detail specified. Nevertheless, the following conditions are very important in order to successfully achieve the trasnfer and implementation in another city:
- Build credibility and raise awareness. Successful implementation depends on the engagement of stakeholders. They must be involved from the beginning, and the challenge proposed must be relevant and appealing. A previous sound relation with the relevant stakeholders is an advantage (in this case with schools and academia). At the same time participants need to commit themselves, and demonstrate it (resources…)
- Open innovation: In the DIL, the process (educational goals, interaction between agents…) was more important than results, and in these kind of projects the most relevant results can happen as unexpected spin off benefits.

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Main institution
Fomento San Sebastian
País Vasco, Spain (España)
Start Date
June 2017
End Date
October 2017


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