INNOSASUN Programme is a support mechanism to articulate interaction among Basque Public Health System and business sector, meeting needs of both sides.
Innosasun is a support mechanism through which the interaction between the Basque Public Health System (BPHS)and the business sector and related agents is articulated, responding to their needs in innovation.
Innosasun aims to make the (BPHS) as a preferred partner, putting their skills and know-how to serve socio-economic development.
Main objectives:
To advise and collaborate with the companies and other entities in the definition, design, execution and/or validation, as well as the co-development, of innovation projects related to the Health and socio-sanitary scenarios.
To foster public-private partnerships, greater capitalization of skills and know-how existing in the universe of the BPHS to facilitate the industrial development of the BC.
The potential of the program rests on the Network. In this network the BPHS collaborates with the rest of agents and companies which constitute in their turn an efficient public-private network with research and innovation capacities in Biosciences.
Attending to outside-in innovation, INNOSASUN plays an important role because the interaction of companies and technological agents with the health system facilitates the search for technological partners which have innovative solutions to the needs arising from the Healthcare System. Therefore, INNOSASUN provides adapted support to those unmet needs and ideas born within the BPHS working in transferring these needs and ideas to the industries and research centres

Resources needed

350.000€/year , 3 people.

Evidence of success

A total of 69 regional MedTech companies has contacted with INNOSASUN requesting counselling for their medical devices (MD) products. After an INNOSASUN advertisement, 39 addressed the MD design to facing the market, 13 improved the portfolio and 12 clinical studies are kept on track into the BPHS´ living lab.

Difficulties encountered

-Healthcare professionals mainly oriented to assistance actvites.
-R&D&i actvites undervaluated by clinicians.
-Dearth of professional profles focused on R&D&i management into the Healthcare System.

Potential for learning or transfer

Public Health System often has difficulties to interact with enterprises due to the complexity of their structure. INNOSASUN represents a one-stop-shop for the enterprises, channeling their needs regarding the whole system. Indeed, it represents a solution to face the main difficulties that the Health Systems have to interact with the business sector.
Since its implementation, it has received 175 requests for support from 64 entities located in the Basque Country and has created 7 Special Interest Groups (SIGs) in the following areas: rehabilitation, hepatology, oncology, maxillofacial surgery, rheumatology, additive manufacturing and allergology/otolaryngology which support need in these areas. 8 clinical studies with innovative technologies are being carried out focused on diagnosis, new therapies, monitoring therapies, rehabilitation, orthoprosthesis, software development, additive manufacturing and equipment for health environment. Each of them includes a multidisciplinary team.

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Main institution
BIOEF - Basque Foundation for Health and Innovation
País Vasco, Spain (España)
Start Date
November 2014
End Date


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