TIP INNOVATION PROFILING supports companies on their innovation path and helps to bridge the gap between ideas and R&D results and their commercialisation.
Having an innovation strategy is an important success factor for companies in realising innovative ideas on the market and strengthening their competitive position. But TIP experiences in Lower Austria show that there is lack of innovation strategy in low und average innovative small and medium sized companies.
Therefore, in 2009 TIP introduced INNOVATION PROFILING to motivate low und average innovative SMEs to spend time on thinking about their innovation strategy. This profiling acts as a starting point in the process of elaborating a first innovation strategy as well as sensitization for the importance of having a more comprehensive one.
The aim of INNOVATION PROFILING is to speak about future challenges focusing on following three topics: Product (what the customer finally gets), Technologies (how the product/service is manufactured) and Markets (how the company finds it´s customers).
A bilateral discussion between the entrepreneur and TIP results in a rough innovation strategy on one page with a list of activities for the next years including appropriate supporting measures offered by TIP or other intermediaries and funding schemes – the Innovation Profile.
At the same time this approach helps TIP to identify new clients and to define an individual, tailored made bundle of support measures with the clients. After this PROFILING TIP is coaching the company in its innovation activities over 1-3 years (TIP INNOVATION COACHING).

Resources needed

This is a soft measure. There is no explicit budget for the INNOVATION PROFILING, as it is a coherent part of the TIP INNOVATION COACHING. 1 profiling needs about 8-16h (preparation and on-site visit); TIP Budget for INNOVATION COACHING (9 coaches) is ~EUR 750.000 per year from ERDF and regional.

Evidence of success

Since the beginning 206 INNOVATION PROFILING (app. 26 per year) have been carried out
More than 75% of the profiled SMEs implemented at least 1 measure out of the activity plan within 3 months
On average the companies carried out 1,6 measures within 3 months after INNOVATION PROFILING was done
A survey shows following effects: TIP clients are more successful, performing better in turnover und employees and having more patent activities than regional SMEs in average.

Potential for learning or transfer

INNOVATION PROFILING is a structured and simple process for sensibilizing companies for R&D and innovation. SMEs are informed about possible and relevant supporting instruments (regional, national, European) – not excluding any offer – which is increasing the transparency of offered innovation support services.
INNOVATION PROFILING is also a trust building tool among intermediaries of the ecosystem as they realise that it is a collaborative approach bundling also several services from different intermediaries/R&D providers (a holistic approach).
INNOVATION PROFILING can be easily adopted by any region by any intermediary who is interested in supporting low/medium innovative companies to increase their innovation capacity. The tool itself is based on Microsoft Excel and can be translated into other languages.

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Main institution
Wirtschaftskammer Niederösterreich
Niederösterreich, Austria (Österreich)
Start Date
January 2009
End Date


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