Combination of traditional actions and innovative tools for the promotion and use of a Nature WWF Reserve located in Guardiaregia and Campochiaro
The practice is related to an area having significant nature resources but not enough known outside boundaries of local municipalities. There was the need to ensure the conservation of the biodiversity in the area and the need to make it possible the knowledge of the characteristics of the places by a wider public, but ensuring also a behaviour of the public complying with environmental respect. So the organization involved in the creation and management of the area (WWF Network) had to identify a set of intervention tool able to ensure a balanced development of receptivity and promotion facilities. The best option was the implementation of infrastructural interventions and multimedia tools use. A Visit Center has been created with a room of over 200 sqm, with multimedia tools and traditional tools (diorama natural environments, maps, images, nature educational games, explanatory tables on flora and fauna, laboratory with microscopes). Campochiaro hosts a visit center dedicated to deer (Deer Museum and School Laboratory) with adjacent fauna of 9 hectares with some European deer specimens. It has been produced an Official leaflet for free distributed in Italian and English languages. A dedicated website has been created. The beneficiaries were Municipalities of Guardiaregia and Campochiaro, WWF Oasis (organization managing the Protected Area), University of Molise Researchers and Naturalists Graduate, Volunteers from WWF and other local associations.

Resources needed

The ROP 2000-2006 mis.1.7-B (ERDF co-funding) financed the management plan, natural paths, little manteinance, the Deer centre. With funds coming from the interested municipalities was made the visitor centre, for a total public funds of about € 60.000. Furniture were financed by WWF Oasis

Evidence of success

The WWF Oasis Regional Reserve Guardiaregia-Campochiaro is well-known today, also out of the region with over 4500 annual presences, with a steady growth in recent years, made up of students, families, tour groups and individual visitors from various Italian regions. As regards the website, over 7,000 visitors with more than 20000 pages displayed. YouTube Channel and Facebook Page implemented and visited.1200 visitors from the primary and secondary school through educational guided tours

Difficulties encountered

The main challenge was to identify innovate tools able to attract younger generations through different channels: Scientific and Educational (University and primary and secondary schools), and family and Associations as well

Potential for learning or transfer

The practice could be interesting for the innovative educational and informative tools used during the guided tours in the reserve, involving visitors in direct experiences of knowledge of the places, making them the main actors in living the places. Learning by doing, learning by touching, learning by using all the five senses, is the key-succes factor in the achievement of the main goal: to make people aware about the importance to conserve and respect the nature

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Main institution
Oasi WWF-Riserva naturale regionale Guardiaregia-Campochiaro
Molise, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
September 2001
End Date
October 2013


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