Map Application
Clean-Way Ltd., a Hungarian construction company, has realised the problems of the huge unused construction and demolition waste therefore they started to work out their own system to improve the rate of their recycling. This is the system they made accessible to all in the region in order to make it more efficient.
The exact product is a map application in which all construction and demolition sites can be registered and information about the emerging waste can be provided. In case of registering generated and available waste, data of quality and quantity of the construction and demolition waste has to be uploaded as well. Through the platform of the application also companies of constructions can register to see the available recyclable construction and demolition waste. Up-to-date information is accessible constantly.

Resources needed

Companies are needed to trust the application and each other and to register their recyclable waste and its quantity and quality and their need of secondary materials.
Regulation of using secondary material at construction sites should be known and followed.
Constant access to waste is necessary.

Evidence of success

More than 30 companies joined the online community for sharing real-time date of construction and demolition waste and more than 440930 ton of waste were recycled.
Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions: Connecting close construction and demolition sites makes transportation of construction and demolition waste shorter which decreases greenhouse gas emissions.
Reduction in landfilling: recyclable construction and demolition waste doesn’t go to landfill but new construction sites for use.

Difficulties encountered

Sharing information is a challenge to some stakeholders. In order to keep an advantage in the business they might prefer to withhold information rather than sharing it.
Using the application is not obligatory therefore still much useable and useful information is left out.

Potential for learning or transfer

There are some ongoing negotiations with the state institutes in order to make the use of map application obligatory which would improve the rate of recycled construction and demolition waste and benefit our nature and all participants.
It would be possible to spread the use of this map also abroad, especially close to the border, or in all parts of the neighbour countries.
Also, other types of generated waste could be registered on similar map application in order to recycle more waste. This map could be used as an example to other applications.
Main institution
Clean-Way Ltd.
Dél-Alföld, Hungary (Magyarország)
Start Date
December 2014
End Date


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