NewBIZ - Developing entrepreneurship and managerial skills of students and young entrepreneurs.
The objective of the project was to develop the entrepreneurial skills of the students and young people and supporting the entrepreneurial initiatives in order to stimulate self-occupation.
The project NewBiz, through the offered services (training for the establishment of new businesses and for development of managerial skills, in domains like: marketing, human resources, public relations, a.s.o.), built the capacity of youth to materialize their business ideas, the capacity to assume risks and to planning their activity in order to reach the targets.
By supporting centers for the initiation in entrepreneurship, the E-learning Platform, the development of an interactive guide for initiating new businesses, the members of the target group were assisted for the development of their abilities in entrepreneurship, they could simulate the steps to be made in order to establish and develop an enterprise and attended mentoring activities helping them to elaborate a feasible business plan.
The beneficiaries of the project: persons over 18, willing to initiate an independent activity, with residence in the counties of the 2 regions of implementation: North-West and West
Main stakeholders of the project were the members of the North-West Regional Pact for Employment and Inclusion: companies, NGO-s, universities, County Councils, County Agencies for Occupation, County School Inspectorates, a.s.o.)

Resources needed

The amount of financial resources was of about 8643683.30 LEI funded by ESF – POSDRU.
As human resources were involved 16 experts, 9 trainers and 24 evaluating experts.
As material resources: lap-tops, printers, computer networks, mobile phones and office furniture.

Evidence of success

428 persons benefited from project services
7 Entrepreneurship courses, 3 Leadership courses, 2 project management courses, 1 human resources management course,
4 support centers for business start-ups
3 business plan competitions
43 business plans financed
86 jobs created through the financed business plans
2 media campaigns
1 interregional conference (with some representatives of bank sector, business sector, start-up owners, stakeholders of the project)
1 webpage

Difficulties encountered

*Changes in entrepreneurial culture
*Good practices positive role
*Very short implementation period,Change of the rules during the implementation, Late payment of the minimis aid 3 days before the conclusion of the project, Difficult conditions for the administrator of the minimis scheme

Potential for learning or transfer

NewBiz is a project potentially interesting for various categories of users: students, people who want to build a start-up and young entrepreneurs. NewBiz promotes entrepreneurship and self-employment as key for achieving smart, sustainable and inclusive growth and offers various resources for development and innovation of startups, while at the same time improves the quality of their services. The project supports the knowledge-building and learning on entrepreneurship. NewBiz plays a positive role in the emergence of young entrepreneurs and new firms and offers responses and solutions to the challenges of startups. NewBiz puts in high relief the importance of sharing goals, dreams and experience with young entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship and self-employment are an investment in the future and in the ability to invest time and assets to create organizational structures that make a difference in the world.
Example: Atelier Kaya Tech SRL

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Main institution
Northwest Regional Pact for Employment and Social Inclusion (PROIS-NV) and The Bucharest University of Economic Studies
Bucureşti - Ilfov, Romania (România)
Start Date
February 2015
End Date
December 2015


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