To quickly, easily and free of charge help the SMEs to find the support offered by regional, state and European programs during the Corona crisis and lockdowns.
During the Corona crisis and lockdowns of the Czech Republic, many of the SMEs experienced huge trouble to deliver their commitments, payments etc. Therefore, the government of the Czech Republic came up with COVID related fundings and supports for the companies affected by the restrictions coming from the government.
Nevertheless, there were so many programmes, fundings and support possibilities that it was hard to orientate in those supports. Another problem was that some of them was possible to combine some of them was not. To help SMEs understand and draw the right funding and help The Moravian Silesian region came up with the project Rychla Rada (, where regional authorities and stakeholders cooperated together to inform the SMEs about the funding and programmes created by the government.
Regional institutions were also used for promotion of the service among the SMEs. On the website there was a form which was filled by the SME and regional office shared the request or question to the right institution, which was able to answer it. During the time there were answered over 200 requests and SMS rated the service very positively.

Resources needed

In addition to human resources provided by partnering organisations there were used regional funds for setting up the web page: and promotion of the services among the companies in the region. The costs in the COVID support programmes were funded by partnering organisations.

Evidence of success

There were answered over 200 requests and questions regarding the state support for COVID. Several SMEs were helped with submitting a support request.

Difficulties encountered

Some of the SMEs were not able to fulfil obligations even with state support programmes and lockdown during COVID situations ended their business.
For many SMEs It was difficult to orientate in the support system/simplify the system, better awareness

Potential for learning or transfer

Service such as Rychla-Rada has a huge potential for transfering into other countries because national COVID support programmes were introduced in many countries all over the world and in a such a huge number of programmes it must be difficult to orientate. SMEs are a spine of every economy and helping them to easily get the fundings and help during COVID is a key factor to keep the economy going. Service as Rychla-Rada could have been provided by every region to the local SMEs for their suppport.

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Main institution
Chamber of Commerce
Moravskoslezsko, Czech Republic (Česká Republika)
Start Date
May 2020
End Date
April 2021


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