The ambition of the CREATIVE WALLONIA policy instrument is to place creativity and non-technological innovation at the heart of Wallonia's development.
“Creative Wallonia” (launched in 2010) is a cross-cutting multisectoral and holistic public programme based on:
o The promotion of a culture of creativity (e.g. by raising awareness of CCIs among various audiences: SME’s, students (master on co-creation), clusters, finance sector (specific training), etc.)
o Structuring tools: creative hubs, living labs, co-working spaces
o Support to project owners (start-up incubators, market access with the action "Boost-up CCI" and link CCI/other sectors, access to finance with creative vouchers)
o Strong and long-term political support
o International dimension (search of partners and participation in European network)

The stakeholders come from the public innovation sphere. Beneficiaries of the program are various because creativity is for everybody : public actors, citizens, entrepreneurs, SME’s, students and professors.

Resources needed

By cumulating, resources from ERDF and the Walloon Region, approximately 15 million € per year are dedicated to the programme.

Evidence of success

Walloon territory and ecosystem have benefited from spill-over effects thanks to the different actions launched. The quantitative results : Different public target groups (SMEs, students, administration and start-ups) were impacted by these actions. Creation of new jobs, products/services, partnerships, 7 creative hubs, 3 living labs, trainings, etc. Qualitative results : The opportunity to do policy learning and to launch a second phase of the programme (2015-2019).

Difficulties encountered

As creative hubs address a large variety of different target groups, there is risk of effort’s dilution and the right use of policy mix/potential for better Public-Private-Partnerships governance/cross-over collaboration between CCIs and “traditional” SME's/financial mechanisms for sustainability

Potential for learning or transfer

It is a model replicable to other geographical areas. It can be an inspiring initiative for other regions and the lessons learned can be shared with other governments, who wish to launch similar actions. Thanks to this programme, it was possible to do policy learning and to launch a second phase of the programme 2015-2019 where we concentrate on the best actions ( validated and consolidated) but with room to test new actions (laboratory). For regions who would like to transfer this Good practice, we published a policy guide with the lessons learned.

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Main institution
Service public de Wallonie
Prov. Namur, Belgium (Belgique-België)
Start Date
November 2010
End Date


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