It develops the concepts of circular economy and methodologies for the analysis of the life cycle regarding the environmental, competitiveness and social impact
Concept of life cycle is not well known within professional community neither companies in general. So then, this course lands life cycle concept, explaining the needs to perform life cycle assessment to know economic, environmental and social impact of a product or service.
The training course introduces the circular economy and sustainability concepts applicable to a company, a business model and for the development of products and services.
It describes the different European strategies, legislation and sector trends related to circular economy and sustainability implementation.
It provides the methodology From Linear To Circular (Sustainn L2C), developed by a circular economy consulting firm, to help companies and organizations in their transition from a linear model to a circular model.
During specific sessions, life cycle concept and different methodologies are described to analyze the life cycle of products and services regarding the environmental impacts, costs impacts and social impact.
The concept Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment is developed following a consulting own methodology, combining 3 known methodologies:
LCA, Life cycle assessment
LCC, Life cycle cost assessment
SLCA, Social life cycle impact assessment
Different practical exercises are carried out to understand the barriers and potential outcomes oriented to identify opportunities to improve competitiveness, sustainability and credibility for a company, business model, product or service.

Resources needed

6400€ for the development of the course
2 persons involved from Sustainn to develop and implement the training course, spending:
80h teaching hours
240h preparation hours
2 persons from Navarre Chamber of Commerce and Industry to organize and monitoring the course implementation

Evidence of success

10 private enterprises trained in circular models, life cycle thinking and a methodology that integrate the economic, environmental and social aspects of products and services along its whole life.

Difficulties encountered

The course is addressed to different professional profiles, so heterogeneous profiles are attending to the training course with diverse knowledge about circular economy and sustainability and almost not knowledge about the life cycle concept and the existing methodologies to analyse the life cycle.

Potential for learning or transfer

The Navarre Chamber of Commerce and Industry organises the course that is taught by a consultancy. The course is 100% financed by the Navarre Employment Service thanks to a scheme of subsidies for the execution of training programs linked to the Smart Specialization Strategy of Navarra.
Navarre Chamber, consultancy and Government of Navarre have collaborated in the development of pilots, guides, awareness and training actions to make the concepts of circular economy and life cycle reach companies.
Life cycle concept is a key aspect mentioned in directives and strategies in order to know and measure the real impact of product and services.
Training courses and materials related to life cycle assessment should be implemented in any region in order to develop skills and professional to analyse life cycle of products and services and, furthermore, to integrate these skills and knowledge at the time of conceiving and developing more sustainable products and services in the future.
Main institution
Cámara Navarra de Comercio e Industria
Comunidad Foral de Navarra, Spain (España)
Start Date
November 2020
End Date
March 2021


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