Online portal provides useful up-to-date information, consultations and access to foreign databases to exporters in all phases of export trading.
Online portal Izvozno okno (export window) was developed under Programme for internationalisation 2015–2020 to enable efficient support environment for Slovene companies which would like to expand their operations to global markets. The tool is in line with the OP Priority Axis 3 "Developing and implementing new business models for SMEs, in particular with regard to internationalisation”. It ensures quality and regularly updated information about foreign markets, enables companies the access to foreign databases and offers consulting and training content:
-web tools (export possibility test, model to help select and compare markets in 54 countries, comparison is based on 14 variables)
-international trade info (i.e. legal, financial aspects, custom procedures, origin of gods, standards)
-detailed info about 53 countries (i.e. economic trends, industries, bilateral relationship with Slovenia, useful contacts, business opportunities)
-info about most important industries for Slovenia
-access to market-analyses database
-business opportunity search engine (by country, type, industry).
Info for foreign companies:
-portal for foreign buyers SloveniaPartner
-database of Slovenian exporters SloExport
Partners involved in practice implementation: SPIRIT, Ministry of Economic Development and Technology, Foreign Ministry, Ministry of Agriculture, Slovenian business clubs abroad, SID bank, experts for foreign markets, consultants from abroad, Sector for customs - TARIC

Resources needed

The costs for technical maintenance and upgrade as well as regular content updating of the Export Window is provided by SPIRIT Slovenia. In 2018 the planned budget amounts to 50.000 EUR of external costs. The annual budget may vary in different years of implementation.

Evidence of success

Outputs (in 2015):
- companies receiving daily news (e-info): 2529
- companies receiving consultancy services: 89
- a total of 644.000 clicks by 130.000 different visitors recorded.
In 2016 70% of clients found Export Window’s services to be useful or very useful. 60% of respondents who in the past two years visited Export Window used information on business opportunities, which are available on the Export window.

Potential for learning or transfer

Online portal offers comprehensive information regarding all aspects of export activity, available free of charge and online, making it accessible to small businesses nationwide.
Its transferability potential to other regions:
• Simple tools for planning export activities for companies,
• Up-to-date information about countries, industries, etc.,
• Tools for exporters (such as: how to conduct a market research),
• Access to international databases.

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Main institution
SPIRIT Slovenia - Public Agency for Entrepreneurship, Internationalization, Foreign Investments and Technology
Zahodna Slovenija, Slovenia (Slovenija)
Start Date
January 2015
End Date


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