Podkarpackie Science and Technology Park AEROPOLIS is currently one of the most attractive places for investments in south-eastern Poland.
Podkarpackie Science and Technology Park AEROPOLIS is a response to the problem related to infrastructure for entrepreneurs. AEROPOLIS is an idea to attract modern companies and technologies, and at the same time to use the potential of local universities and research centers. AEROPOLIS is one of the instruments for increasing the competitiveness of the local economy, implementing modern technological solutions and managing knowledge and capital resources. It is a link that connects and transforms innovative scientific ideas into modern technological solutions that are then implemented in business entities. AEROPOLIS provides the basic infrastructure necessary to provide potential high-tech companies with conditions for running a business. The Park's offer is dedicated to companies from the aviation, IT / ICT, quality of life, electromechanical, automotive, biotechnology and chemical industries. Companies operating in the Park have the opportunity to obtain relief in local taxes and fees. The Park's comprehensive offer is complemented by well-equipped laboratory facilities. The AEROPOLIS Material Science and Prototyping Laboratory is located in the Technology Incubator complex. The main beneficiaries of this institutions are startupers that want to, or run their activity in the IT sector.

Resources needed

The creation of the Park was a huge financial challenge. That was huge investment that in total took the amount of about 36,923,048.29 EUR and the co-financing was in the amount pf 26,813,476.95 EUR.

Evidence of success

The Science and Technology Park covers an area of nearly 48 ha. Currently, 50 companies operate in AEROPOLIS. The largest of them include MTU Aero Engines, BorgWarner, Goodrich Aerospace, Mc Braida, FIBRAIN, OPTeam, BSH (former Zelmer), META-ZEL, ML System. The value of investors' expenditures in investment zones amounts to approx. EUR 618,021,716.24; which provided 6,500 new jobs.

Difficulties encountered

The technology transfer process is extremely complex, it consists of several interrelated elements. The biggest challenge before the creation of the "Aeropolis" Park was to obtain the appropriate amount of funds for the indicated purpose.

Potential for learning or transfer

The park is managed by specialists whose aim is to increase the wealth of enterprises and scientific and research institutions associated in it by promoting the development of innovation and competitiveness. It manages knowledge and technology among universities, R&D institutions, enterprises, fosters the emergence and growth of the number of enterprises operating on the basis of innovation as a result of incubation and spin-off processes, and provides high-quality services.

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Main institution
Rzeszow Regional Development Agency
Podkarpackie, Poland (Polska)
Start Date
December 2015
End Date


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