"Habiter Mieux sérénité" a global support for vulnerable households in order to get them out of fuel poverty.
"Habiter Mieux sérénité" (HMS) is a program led by the National Housing Agency (ANAH) which provides advice and financial assistance to support households with modest resources in their overall energy renovation project of their home.
HMS concerns all the works allowing an energy gain of at least 35%. The financing is proportional to the amount of your work.
The amount of HMS aid depends to household resources, assessed on the basis of household tax returns for taxation:
For “very modest resources" category: 50% of the total amount of the work before tax and €15,000 maximum.
For the "modest resources" category: 35% of the total amount of work before tax and €10,500 maximum.
You can also benefit from 2 cumulative bonuses:
A bonus of €1,500 for the most energy-intensive housing whose energy label before work is F or G, and whose label after work is E or better.
A high performance “BBC” (low energy building) bonus of €1,500 in addition for homes whose energy label after work is A or B.
HMS includes specific technical and administrative support to help the household to define and carry out it work.
The operator-advisor is a professional (from a specialised association or a design office) who accompanies the household so that the project is adapted to the characteristics of your home and your situation. It includes : Diagnosis of the home, definition and costing of the project and taking steps to obtain all the financial aid to which the household may be entitled

Resources needed

For the year 2020 : 597.3 million € were devoted to financial aid for work and 65 million € to technical and administrative support services for households.
Funds by French State.

Evidence of success

For the year 2020 :
41,241 owner-occupiers assisted for an average aid of 6,197 € per dwelling
30,609 landlords assisted for an average aid of 22014€ per dwelling
7,117 joint owners' associations assisted for an average aid of 6,788 € per dwelling
The HMS requires an increase in performance of at least 35%, but the gain observed is higher, since it is on average 42%.
the zero interest eco-loan (ECOPTZ) can be mobilised to finance the remaining costs.

Difficulties encountered

RES not very much valued by the scheme, which concentrates its efforts on the energy gain.
energy gain does not always allow the household to get out of fuel poverty
Competition with other aid systems put in place by the State (Ma prime renov', CEE) despite the interest of global support.

Potential for learning or transfer

This system provides global support to households on technical and financial aspects and guarantees the achievement of a minimum energy gain. This meets the needs of the vulnerable groups identified in the POWERTY project. This is why we consider that it can be transferred to other regions of Europe with a strong benefit in the fight against fuel poverty.

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Main institution
National Housing Agency (ANAH)
Île de France, France
Start Date
January 2010
End Date


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