Development of sustainable public procurement management by improving efficient knowledge sharing, LCA and functionalization of societal impact categories.
City of Pori has developed its public procurement practises long-term, although policy agenda has omitted practical functionalisation. Policy agenda, divided into different procurement categories, was formulated via cross-organisational working group. Management system involves operative expertise unit, which analyses and observes the effect of procurements, total amount of 350m€. KEINO-academy facilitated development of improved impact assessments, e.g. for environmental responsibility and resource efficiency. Real-time tendering calendar and a procurement tool with LCA and LCC involvement is being developed.

Resources needed

Two persons for years 2018-2021

Evidence of success

Municipal policy for sustainable public procurement is a multi-faceted process, and Pori has successfully been able to organise the system by identifying weak points, establishing single operating unit with knowledge to monitor and functionalise sustainable procurements. Societal impact assessment is evaluated by LCA and LCC tools. Nomination of category-special personnel and centralization of procuring is helping to reach goals.

Difficulties encountered

Total control and especially dissemination of strategic focus points still under development, know-how, cooperative networking and societal impacts have room for improvement. Procurement tool still incomplete.

Potential for learning or transfer

The development of municipal management of sustainable procurements is a continuous process. By clear determination of strategic focus points, centralised tendering unit with educated persons show potential for well operating, sustainable procurements. By well-developed regional networking procurement process has become efficient, and environmentally and resource efficiently positive impacts have been reached. KEINO-academy was launched to help municipalities to improve their procuring process by providing proper tools for LCA and LCC calculations at municipal level.
Main institution
City of Pori
Länsi-Suomi, Finland (Suomi)
Start Date
January 2018
End Date


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