OPEN 2.0 - Open source environment for sharing applications promoting participation and collaboration in communities, local ecosystems and in complex projects
Open 2.0 is an open source application made available by the Lombardy Region for the creation of collaborative tools. A set of ready-to-use and customisable software solutions for those looking for a solution for optimising resources, sharing experiences and responding to strategic challenges of growth and competitiveness.

Open 2.0 is the ideal tool to efficiently address the organisational and management needs of government entities and complex organisations. It was inspired by the experience of the collaborative platform promoted by the Lombardy Region to improve the competitiveness of the Lombard knowledge system.

In summary, Open 2.0 principles are:
• Promote participant innovation ecosystems
• Facilitate development and management of projects
• Connect to similar experience
• Connect to other services
• Convey knowledge of related topics
• Facilitate involvement of the stakeholders

Resources needed

In order to customize and implement the open sure platform project managers and IT technicians are required. The source code of all the solutions, along with the technical resources needed to customise them, will be provided.

Evidence of success

The open source platform is being adopted from diverse users: from regional authorities to clusters, from project consortia to local associations.
The benefits identified are:
- Flexibility
- User Friendly
- Security
- Accessibility
- Interoperability

Potential for learning or transfer

The platform can be transferred to:
- Public and private entities that need tools to support research processes, technological and social innovation.
- Business networks, districts and clusters, groups of companies operating within "network contracts" or more or less structured partnership agreements. ATI, groups of international projects, consortia, industrial districts, "hubs", science and technology parks, associations and organisations that aggregate multiple public or private entities.

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Main institution
Lombardia, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
January 2017
End Date


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