Build and run the R&D-Center EcoMaT - center for eco-efficient Materials & Technologies in Bremen (Germany).
Bremen ERDF Operational Programme Priority Axis 'Strengthening a business driven innovation system’ offers several support systems for advanced materials:
Infrastructure EcoMaT center for eco-efficient Materials & Technologies:
- will be built by 2019,
- will concentrate expertise and R&D infrastructures in the field of materials science and its engineering applications,
- shall facilitate cooperation between different clusters around the OEM Airbus,
- involves stakeholders from industry, SME, knowledge institutes and regional authorities,
- is owned by the Business development agency Bremen,
- will offer approx. 22,000 sqm of gross floor space for offices, pilot plant and laboratory areas for 500 employees.

Cooperation around EcoMaT is already now dedicated to the topic of lightweight construction as a key technology, dealing with:
- its systemic relevance through interdisciplinary and cross-sector collaboration,
- the better use of materials and the development of new materials,
- the design of products by the integration of new material properties,
- the convergence of materials and sensor technology,
- new construction methods and integration in production processes,
- cost-saving through shared use of laboratory equipment,
- future qualification and personnel requirements,
- deriving synergies in teaching and training.

An Aerospace R&D program Bremen accompanies the EcoMaT co-funding projects by 50%. It is composed of 80-90 % ERDF funding.

Resources needed

building credit-financed with € 58 mio.
1-2 persons organising EcoMaT network
200-300 T€ per year for events, marketing, etc.
1 Mio. € per year for ERDF Aerospace R&D funding for 6 years.
resources from the EcoMAT partners e.g. Airbus

Evidence of success

EcoMaT initiative started 10-12 years ago when important OEM Airbus voiced the need for a “Materials Centre” where R&D Institutions and SMEs could join physically. 5 years ago the planning process took up pace. Cooperation has already developed before infrastructure is in place.
EcoMaT is linked with the ERDF programme Bremen and the S3 regional strategy. ‘Advanced materials’ are regarded as a key enabling technology for various priority sectors: aerospace, automotive, etc.

Difficulties encountered

Difficulty to involve SMEs in long-term project as they look for short-term actions.
Single focus on the aerospace industry around the OEM Airbus as challenge to involve different sectors which are using advanced materials such as Automotive, Ship building or Wind industry.

Potential for learning or transfer

Even before the actual opening of the building the cooperation has strengthened the partnership of stakeholders around the topic of advanced materials, 3D-printing, light weight construction, etc..
Under-one-roof principle intensives cooperation and leads to cost-saving through shared use of laboratory equipment and the pilot plant. Partners derive synergies in teaching and training.
The R&D funding program has been successfully established and has led to further funding from national programs. More than 10 R&D-Projects are already funded.

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Main institution
Senator for Economic Affairs, Employment and Ports
Bremen, Germany (Deutschland)
Start Date
April 2018
End Date


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