The PAT is a decision support tool provided to facilitate and organize a local timber and biomass supply strategy.
Through all their tools, the French federation of forest municipalities originally sought to demonstrate the feasibility and relevance of local development programs.
Territorial biomass supply plans were created during the setting up of a larger program, « 1000 wood boilers in rural development » in 2007. Along the development of large cogeneration plant using wood biomass, French forest municipalities created this program with the financial support of the National agency for environment and energy, and the ministry of agriculture and forests, in order to provide tools to elected representatives for the development of rural boilers using local biomass.

The PAT is therefore a decision support tool provided to facilitate and organize a local timber and biomass supply, it takes into account available forest and logistic data and the expertise of local stakeholders from the forest and wood sector. The PAT process takes approximately 1 year between the presentation meeting of the tool and the delivery of the recommendations and data.
In addition to the representatives of forest municipalities, the following stakeholders are typically part of the program :
- Regional wood industry representatives
- Private forest owners representatives
- National forest Office
- Private forest managers representatives (forestry experts)
- Local environmental association
- Local municipalities
- Regional representatives of the Agency for energy and environment

Resources needed

The total cost of 1 PAT is fixed between 40.000 and 60.000€. Its realisation typically include 1 person from the French federation of forest municipalities, 1 from the Regional association of forest municipalities and 1 from the sponsoring territory.

Evidence of success

52 PAT have been realized in France in 10 years and 3 are in progress at the moment. The original program from which the PAT was created can be linked to the creation of 537 local wood boilers in France. Some recent PAT were realized in metropolitan areas (Rouen Métropole) and the result are currently used by the municipality to develop local wood supply for boilers.

Difficulties encountered

After the delivery of all the data and recommendations to the territory, due to staff turnover and local changes in political priorities, the results of the PAT are not always valued to realize operational action (forest road network development, wood boilers planning…).

Potential for learning or transfer

This tool was originally created to answer a lack of knowledge regarding local potential for timber and wood biomass exploitation. This measurement scale, between national data (national forestry inventory) and local management inventories is however essential to provide a strategic information to local representatives.
The PAT, despite being created 10 years ago continue to be ordered by local municipalities that want to develop local renewable energies. The National Institute of Geographic and Forest Information, currently responsible for the National forest inventory, understood the value of this data scale and recently associated with the French federation of forest municipalities to realize 3 PAT in partnership.
Specialized medias in Wallonia were also interested in this tool that had to equivalent in Belgium, and wrote an article on its elaboration.

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Main institution
French Federation of forest municipalities
Île de France, France
Start Date
December 2008
End Date


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Marco Filipe Antunes

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