A new selective funding programme created by Pictanovo and the Hauts-de France Region, supporting the writing and development of a slate of 2 to 5 projects,
The Editorial Program is a competitive programme intended to support companies upstream of the production of audio-visual works, which is the most uncertain phase, as well as the most difficult to finance.
As part of the Editorial Program, Pictanovo and the Hauts-de-France region wish, on the one hand, to directly support production companies in the development of their editorial lines and, indirectly, help them organize and develop their business.
This fund completes Pictanovo's range of programmes and helps regulate the flow of projects submitted for the "pre-production" programme while providing a medium-term vision of companies’ activities and support for the simultaneous development of a slate of audio-visual works (fiction, creative documentary or animation). The funding granted by the programme cover costs incurred in the creative phase of projects, such as costs related to the search for authors, the purchase of rights, script writing, search for partners, etc.
Production companies wishing to benefit from the Editorial Programme must present a structured and coherent editorial strategy, covering the development of 2 to 5 projects.
The applications are assessed by Pictanovo through a committee made up of industry professionals, upon both artistic and cultural criteria as well as technical and financial. Successful applicants sign an agreement with Pictanovo outlining the roles of each party.
The funding results in co-production shares for Pictanovo.

Resources needed

1 Million € / year
2 sessions / year
1 pers

Evidence of success

100 projects supported in the writing or development phase in 3 years. 25% of them are now in the production phase.

Potential for learning or transfer

More and more territories are developing aid by project package at the writing or development stage. This is very important support for establishing, structuring and developing documentary, fiction and animation producers in the region.
It is also important to carry out a regular inventory with the supported producers. The projects that are then launched at the production stage, will be the best indicators of success.

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Main institution
Nord - Pas-de-Calais, France
Start Date
May 2018
End Date


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