The solar park will be Sweden's largest member-owned solar park with a solar cell area of 15,000 m².
Two of the municipality companies, Kalmar Energi and Kalmar Öland Airport, are making a joint investment in a more sustainable future. In the airport area in Kalmar, they are building Sweden's largest member-owned photovoltaic park, Törneby Solpark.
When completed, Törneby Solpark will be Sweden's largest member-owned solar park with a solar cell area of 15,000 m². Törneby operations association will take over operations after Kalmar Energi when the inspection of the new plant has been completed.
By buying shares in the solar park, individuals and enterprises become their own electricity producer, without having to install any of your own solar panels. For those who are customer of Kalmar Energi today, it is both an easy and affordable way to get locally produced and renewable solar for their villa, tenancy, tenant-owner association or enterprise.

Resources needed

Each share has a certain cost. The number of shares per owner is maximum 80 % of own energy use. From April 2020, the membership fee is 13 öre (appr 1,3 cent) per kWh and year. There are then government taxes and fees on your electricity use such as electricity tax, electricity certificates and VAT.

Evidence of success

Early 2016, Kalmar Energi wrote history with the first solar park, Nöbble Solpark. All the shares were sold immediately and the park today supplies many locals with locally produced power from the sun. The practise is considered interesting primarly for individuals and enterprises with a lack of appropriate roofs, or similar, e.g. tenants, for the installation.
The total solar cell area produces 2,3 GWh/year, which entails appr 110 tonnes CO2-savings according to Nordic electricity mix.

Potential for learning or transfer

The practise is considered interesting because of the cooperation model and the way a municipality owned company may take the lead for such an initiative.

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Main institution
Kalmar Energi
Småland med öarna, Sweden (Sverige)
Start Date
April 2016
End Date


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