Zoom EV is a Peer to Peer Electric Vehicle car sharing platform in the UK.
Any car is not in use for 95% of the time. At the same time EVs can be expensive. Zoom EV helps owners recoup some of the cost when the car is not used by renting them to other people.

In addition, the platform has a range of other services to make using an EV more easy, including assistance with EV home charging & accident management; EV insurance packages with each rental, built into the rental price; Car Showroom Partnerships: currently partnered with 180 dealers selling EVs, the dealer is able to put the demonstrator EV car on the platform for a potential purchasing customer to rent for a day; the vendor promotes the EV platform to purchasers as an incentive to recoup some of the cost from purchasing a vehicle when it is not in use.

Zoom EV also works with Local Authorities which have fleets of cars and vans, mostly unused at weekends. Zoom EV is partnering with some geographic areas to enable staff to rent their fleet at weekends. This helps the LA’s to achieve clean air targets whilst benefiting their staff and communities; Private Sector - Currently working with a private delivery service to increase the number of its deliveries in electric vehicles; Housing Associations are using Zoom EV to subsidise their operations by using Zoom EV. Eg. by making accessible their own EVs for rent to (often low income residents with no access to a car), with the rental income going towards subsidies on solar panels on their buildings.

Resources needed

7 staff have been involved in developing and growing the business to where it is now. Staff are specialists in Electric Vehicles, Energy, Marketing, Customer Relations, Insurance and Car Dealerships. A shared vision and culture within the company to promote take up of EVs.

Evidence of success

Employs 7 people. 400 cars on the platform, 1.3 tonnes of carbon emissions saved by the platform. An average car sharing session on the platform saves 80.9 Kg of CO2 from entering the atmosphere (roughly 40 trees would need to be planted to remove this much CO2 from the atmosphere).
Zoom EV has become an Ocean Champion through Plastic Bank, by offsetting 5x their annual plastic footprint, helping recover 420 kg of ocean bound plastic, equal to 21,000 500ml water bottles from entering the ocean

Potential for learning or transfer

It would be feasible for expansion of the business into other regions, however consideration of insurance rules would be necessary, which could involve local knowledge and job creation
Main institution
Zoom Car Share Ltd
Cheshire, United Kingdom
Start Date
July 2018
End Date


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