Kampusareena is a new hub of science, research and technology located at the heart of the campus of Tampere University of Technology (TUT) in Hervanta, Tampere.
Kampusareena is a Hub of Hubs which bridges the gap between industry, science and education. The multi-user facility brings companies, researchers and students together to share the space, ideas and goals. Interdisciplinary encounters create new ideas that can grow into collaborative R&D projects, innovations, jobs and successful businesses. TUT and SYK encourage formal and informal encounters by providing a broad range of expertise, services, networking events and multipurpose facilities.
Kampusareena is a fertile breeding ground for innovation and new research- and knowledge-based companies. Companies can access TUT’s research expertise and facilities, the pool of talented students, and a wide range of business services. Network and Partnership Development Officer and TUT’s Business Liaison Managers provides assistance for finding expert contacts for launching research and development cooperation.
Kampusareena is also home to Kampusklubi® (campus club), which strengthens university-industry collaboration and is made up of pioneering companies in the field of R&D. Kampusklubi® fosters long-term collaboration, aims to take the expertise of its members to the next level, and paves the way to new collaboration opportunities.
Kampusareena is a viable business concept and innovation platform improving the competitiveness of companies and the university. Multidisciplinary and diverse collaboration generates research knowledge and competence for the benefit of society.

Resources needed

SYK:41 M€ for the platform and development of the concept, 1 person employed for running the operations.
TUT:1 person employed for the development and organization of activities and business collaboration, with annual budget.

Evidence of success

Kampusareena is fully occupied and has attracted more than 110 companies of all sizes. It is widely benchmarked by international peers. Kampusklubi® in Kampusareena fosters innovation and collaboration with its 38 companies (380 active participants) and over 300 university members (researchers and students), 4 000 visitors /yr, hosting 1 600 events, 25 hackatons, 50 BS and MS thesis and 400 ideas for students' study projects. Monthly networking events attract diversity of participants.

Difficulties encountered

A novel concept offering great diversity. No ready-tested practices, but continuous experimentation and development of service concepts and operating models. The model is organic, growing takes time. The university and business operate differently, which creates some challenges for co-operation.

Potential for learning or transfer

Multiuser facility is a working environment for university and companies, which supports a sense of community, learning and business. Kampusareena serves as a hub for researchers, students and companies appreciating
• a vantage point to technological research
• high-quality research environments
• the fresh perspective and expertise provided by students
• networking with other companies
• versatile and convertible facilities
Kampusareena is fully occupied and continues to attract new companies to be located in the university campus. It has proven to be particularly suitable for research-intensive companies as well as the developers of new technologies, services and products. It has proven to be a needed model for companies to connect with the university and students.
Main institution
Suomen Yliopistokiinteistöt Oy (SYK, University Properties of Finland)
Länsi-Suomi, Finland (Suomi)
Start Date
September 2015
End Date


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