RATT manages an integrated PTM system for its fleet of busses, trolley-busses and trams providing real-time information on-board and in stops and e-ticketing
- Public transportation vehicles in the city of Timisoara share road space with private cars and other vehicles. The primary aim of the PTM system is to improve the movement of public transport vehicles and increase comfort of their passengers around the controlled urban network.
- PTM provides the means of dynamically monitoring the location and status of Public Transport Vehicles to determine performance according to prescribed route schedules and to quickly identify any operational problems. PTM system of Timisoara is an innovative and complex system which has two major components: integrated e-ticketing and Automatic Vehicle Location by GPS (AVL). The e-ticketing system is implemented with contactless cards which are easy to use and allow the implementation of a flexible and efficient tariff policy, while at the same time providing the possibility to monitor public transport usage and passenger flows. The AVL transmits information from individual vehicles over a digital link via GPRS connection to the Control Centre of RATT. The most important subsystems of AVL are: 1) fleet management; 2) real-time passenger information on board and in stops; 3) passenger counting ; 4) communication network ; 5) fuel consumption monitoring

Resources needed

The overall implementation costs were approx. 4 million EUR

Evidence of success

The Municipality is able to better manage the funds allocated for the public transport service thanks to accurate information about the usage and share of passenger in different tariff categories (like subscription, free passes). The main benefits for RATT are optimised and efficient management of transport demand and more revenue. As an example, the number of trips increased from approx. 105 million in 2009 to approx. 115 million in 2010

Difficulties encountered

There were no significant challenges or problems during the implementation. The only issue that can be mentioned is some minor technical difficulties with the GPRS communication network that were experienced initially but are now solved

Potential for learning or transfer

This good practice has a good potential of transfer, as the problem it addresses is common to a lot of European cities. The intelligent ticketing system is a way to enhance the experience of travel in public transport, because you only pay what you travel. The AVL is very important to optimize the urban network
Main institution
RATT – Societatea Transport Public Timisoara (Timisoara Public Transport Company)
Vest, Romania (România)
Start Date
January 2007
End Date
October 2009


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