New tool that supports the elaboration of the contents regarding the waste management study required by the regulations in force in the Valencian Community.
In the Valencian Community region, it is complex to find recent activities or policies from local Administration that promote or encourage best practices of C&D waste.
Nevertheless, among the public initiatives, the IVE (Valencian Building Institute), a semi-public institution, has recently developed a free ON-LINE application that is useful to pre-evaluate the amount of C&D waste generated in projects and how to manage it.
The application considers the soil characteristics in the excavation tasks, and the features of the main materials used. With all this data, the on-line form estimates the amount of waste generated. Finally, the APP classifies the amount of different waste according to the LER (EU coding system).
The automatic calculations are based on general statistical data, collected in the particular reports of waste treatment plants but can be also customized so that more precise adjustments are obtained depending on the construction characteristics and materials provided.
The results also allow establishing or choosing resources for storage and transport, as well as the waste management planned later. Through a search engine and a map viewer, the tool allows to find out which waste managers are available.
As a result, 2 files can be downloaded:
- The particularised Waste Management Study with the project data in docx format.
- The chapter corresponding to waste management, elaborated with the items of the IVE 2019 Database in bc3

Resources needed

To use this CDW, construction and demolition waste management study tool, prior quick registration on the IVE platform is required. The tool is totally free of charge.
A technician could be required to take measurements to be entered into the tool.

Evidence of success

This application is widely used by professionals and also by students, although it is difficult to quantify.
The tool generates an essential and useful document for construction projects that must be signed by the owner (promoter) but is generally drafted by the technician.
Moreover, to support professionals, the IVE offers a course “Tools for the drafting of projects, works management and maintenance of buildings” to learn and practice for the promotion of quality in the building process.

Difficulties encountered

Calculations can be quite approximate in some cases so it would require expansion or significant adjustment for public construction works, urbanisation or infrastructure.
It is only available in Spanish, which is a problem for the exchange of experience.

Potential for learning or transfer

The application provides information on the criteria related to waste operations and destinations. This involves concepts such as reuse, recovery, storage, restoration, transfer station and treatment plant.
It is an application to assist in carrying out a construction project, accessible to anyone who registers free of charge. It provides valuable information that allows an estimation of the waste generated as well as an economic estimation of the management costs, and it is of particular interest to those who are in the learning process.
In order to transfer knowledge, dissemination workshops have been carried out through sectorial fairs, such as CEVISAMA 2018 and specific or general periodic training seminars. The technicians who developed the tool have also participated in the past CONDEREFF sessions.

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Main institution
Valencian Building Institute (Institut Valencià de l’Edificació – IVE)
Comunidad Valenciana, Spain (España)
Start Date
January 2018
End Date


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