A national platform that connects investors, promotors and specialists that want to participate in energy efficiency projects.
Ponto Energia bundles and pools projects according to specific characteristics – mainly investment size, technology and geographies but also other characteristics that make better business sense when pooled (e.g. risk) - using the currently available framework and consolidated procurement procedures to provide projects with scale, bankability, investor-trust, cost-optimization and a faster time-to-market. It makes use of currently existing and innovative instruments, combine them with institutional investors (such investment funds or ESCOs) but keeping in mind the engagement of citizens and local communities by using crowdfunding and cooperative business models to share the benefits of sustainable energy investment. This platform offers several advantages: brings together Promoters (Private organizations or public sector), guiding them from the identification of the potential project to its implementation with the best suppliers, business models and market investors; Experts (energy efficiency and renewable energy service companies) can qualify to receive requests for proposals, participate in tenders and access the best business and financing models for your projects (or your customers'), and finally Investors (credit institutions, funds, private investors, family offices...) gain access the best investment opportunities in sustainable energy, pre-validated, promoted by credible entities and accredited specialists.

Resources needed

The Ponto Energia initiative is a result of the H2020 BundleUp project, which had an initial budget of 1 million €. Three years later, this initiative has multiplied the initial investment by more than 40 times to 44 million €, with 61 completed projects. AGENEAL total budget is around 82 000 €.

Evidence of success

Since the initial investment, Ponto Energia has boosted the creation of 61 energy projects (LED public lighting, solar energy for self-consumption, solar panels, energy efficiency in buildings and efficient A/C) in more than 20 Portuguese cities, which represent an investment of € 44 million. In view of this success, the European Commission will again invest one million euros in the Ponto Energia project, in a potential investment of another 65 million euros in renewables and energy efficiency.

Potential for learning or transfer

Ponto Energia, is a very interesting platform to implement in other cities/regions because it matches different interests and stakeholders, promoting discussion and financial opportunities while also showcasing success stories, supporting the implementation of energy efficiency that sometimes would be unaffordable to single entities. This Good Practice can also be implemented like a "One-Stop-Shop" for energy efficiency investments for citizens and other stakeholders in order to help, assist, consult and lead them through the whole process of energy efficiency initiatives. The OSS setup can be established with one Energy Agency as a partner for development of technical knowledge bases and technical assistance for citizens.

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Main institution
AGENEAL, Local energy Management Agency of Almada
Lisboa, Portugal
Start Date
May 2018
End Date


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