Supporting the corporate reorganization processes following the COVID-19 emergency: Investments in new digital and 4.0 technologies and smart working models
The Marche Region was hit very badly by COVID 19.
The Marche Region, within the regulatory framework referred to Regional Law 17 July 2018, n. 25 "Enterprise 4.0” has provided for interventions aimed at favouring the use of new technologies with a view to Enterprise 4.0. This call provides capital grants to local companies that develop business plans for reopening and adopt innovative models of work organization, through investments in digitization, new Internet of Thing technologies and Industry 4.0.
The projects must be focused on one of the following action lines:
• improvement of company efficiency through the acquisition of new digital technologies and 4.0 technologies;
• adoption of smart working models and acquisition of the relevant instruments.
Single micro, small, medium enterprises can benefit from the grants provided, regardless of the legal form they hold.

Resources needed

For the implementation of the Covid 19 call, the Marche Region made available a total amount of € 2.459.196,50 of regional funds.

Evidence of success

The call provides grants for investments made due to the pandemic in order to reopen or continue to work despite the restrictions.
The companies were able to obtain a contribution for investments already made to work in smart working such as the purchase of PCs, video conference programs, modernization of machinery and equipment according to Industry 4.0
Main results:
• N. of applications accepted/beneficiaries 130
• Financial support granted 2.4 M€
• Total investments 4.1 M€

Potential for learning or transfer

Through this intervention, regional companies have equipped themselves to be able to work even during the restrictions imposed by Covid 19.
In parallel, an acceleration of the digitalization process of the administrative and production activities of companies has also been achieved.
Main institution
Marche region
Marche, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
July 2020
End Date
November 2020


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