Consortium between an innovative transport SME (AppyWay), two local authorities (Coventry and Milton Keynes City Councils) and a Tier 1 Automotive Company.
This is an example of how a close collaboration between the innovative SME, the Local Authority and Tier 1 Companies, achieved Innovate UK funding, in order to push forward the development and application of a new Technology in the Transport Sector.
Automated Valeting is linked to CAV 5 vehicles (Fully autonomous vehicles picking and dropping people from airports in full automation).
A consortium of mobility innovators from the public and private sectors achieved their Innovate UK funded project. Their objective is to spearhead technical and commercial research to help realize level 4/5 CAV adoption in cities.

The consortium made up of Jaguar Land Rover, AppyWay, Coventry City Council and Milton Keynes Council have focused efforts on what is seen as the core issue for the successful introduction of CAVs. For the purpose of this specific funding, the main issue raised was linked to how do cities, urban areas, traffic & highways planners ensure empty CAVs do not contribute to traffic and congestion, where these vehicles will go to drop off passengers, how they park between trips to recharge, access storage, or be serviced and, most importantly, blend the relationship between on and off-street parking to support Mobility as a Service (MaaS) operators.

Resources needed

Local Authority to provide a test bed for new technology as well as to support bid for Innovate UK Funding. The funding received has been of £9,722. Innovate UK (the main Innovation Funding stream by the UK Government) provided 100% funding to the Local Authority and for the SME partner.

Evidence of success

In order to make Appy AV more exploitable and get the correct results, Coventry City Council is planning to bid for further funding in order to upscale.
This will lead to a better understanding of what additional infrastructure or what modifications to the original technology would be needed for up-scaling.
As a result of the Collaboration, a comprehensive data and money exchange model has been developed,ensuring systems scale across multiple sites and are commercially and socially viable.

Difficulties encountered

Trying to understand what the future development by the OEMs would be, in order to enable changes to the infrastructure in Coventry together with the understanding of what changes would be needed in order to facilitate this.
Finally, the people’s perception and acceptance of autonomous driving.

Potential for learning or transfer

Innovative SMEs need collaborations across public and private organizations to push development and application of innovative technologies. Often Consortia involving like minded organisations and institutions, with objectives aligned, offer the right launch platform for exploitation of new innovations within the Transport Sector.
Main institution
Coventry City Council
West Midlands, United Kingdom
Start Date
January 2019
End Date
January 2020


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