In the collaboration between Hozah and the Local Authority -Coventry City Council- the SME used the Council as a test bed for his innovative technology.
Hozah is a fully automated car parking payment system that connects drivers’ credit and/or debit cards to number plate recognition cameras and automatically bills the driver for the length of stay.

Hozah fully automated parking payment system addresses issues like:

- Drivers preferring to use credit and/or debit cards instead of cash
- Drivers preferring a fully automated system, where they don’t have to input card details every time they pay
- Local Authorities preferring to collect money automatically, without the need of wardens checking if the driver paid/didn’t pay for parking
- Local Authorities saving on traffic wardens checking car parks (resulting in increased revenue)
- Need for collecting Data
- Convenience for Driver and Local Authority

In order to achieve the SME’s objectives, the system had to be trialed in a live environment. As this was an innovative transport product, Coventry City Council provided the Car park Infrastructure to the company to implement the equipment for testing in a live environment.

Resources needed

Funding for the initial trial was provided by private investors.
The Local Authority (Coventry City Council) provided a test bed for the technology.

Evidence of success

The HOZAH system has now a sustainable approach to exploitation because because a Local Authority has tried and approved the development. This led to spot deficiencies in the system and highlight improvements in the technology. It also led to extra income, improved efficiencies and less operational issues.

Potential for learning or transfer

This Practice highlights how an Innovative Transport SME can be supported by engaging with the right Stakeholders and decision-making people. Here in the specific, the exceptional collaboration and partnership work took place between a Local Authority (Coventry City Council- stakeholder) and a SME (Hozah- 5 employees), in order to trial an innovative transport-related system in a live environment.
By offering car parks within the City of Coventry as Test beds for the technology, Hozah had the chance to trial the technology in a live environment and Coventry City Council reduced costs and increased efficiencies linked to the use and monitoring of car parks.
It has been a mutually beneficial collaboration.

This practice is transferable to other countries/ Councils/ regions, where there is a need for a new technology to be tested in a live environment.

Main institution
Coventry City Council
West Midlands, United Kingdom
Start Date
January 2020
End Date


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