Local Authority offering to become a test bed for the technology and enabling growth of an innovative transport SME facilitating its competitiveness.
Designed in collaboration with three partner authorities, AppyWay – KERB solves today’s most pressing Local Authority challenges by unlocking the potential of the kerb and facilitating its competitiveness
With increasing demands on infrastructure from ride-hailing and home delivery contrasting with decreasing footfall on local high streets, optimizing kerb access and experiences represents a significant opportunity for authorities.
The kerb can be a catalyst for positive change and Mapper has been specifically designed to streamline processes, save time and lower the cost of managing Traffic Orders.
Kerbs represent one of the keys to tackle urban issues of modern-day living: congestion, mobility, pollution, even dying high streets.
What was once just a kerb is now a commodity.
For drivers, it means friction-less one-click parking payments and full visibility of real-time bay availability. For Authorities, it’s never-previously-seen data and rich insight, leading to improved parking experiences for residents, visitors and businesses.
AppyWay needed support linked to trial the technology on real kerbs, as well as needed funds for this phase of development. Coventry City Council offered a test bed for the technology by allowing use of the kerbs in the city centre.
Furthermore, Coventry partnered with other two local authorities and applied for InnovateUK grants, in order to support the SME with funding for its kerb management phase of development. The Bid was successful.

Resources needed

Funding for this development phase of AppyWay-kerb side management was provided by Innovate UK. The successful bid for funds was a joint one of 3 Local Authorities (Coventry, Milton Keynes and Cambridge).
Funding awarded equivalent to £48 381 (used for labour, overheads, travel and subsistence)

Evidence of success

The Parking platform development will help reduce congestion and emissions and it will accelerate autonomous vehicles deployment.
This product is now available as the first digital TRO application available for use by all interested parties. It is also used for other developments such as Micro mobility where amendments have to be made for use of them.

Potential for learning or transfer

The AppyWay exploitation allowed Coventry City Council to present the project to Local Authorities in Australia (Parking authorities in Australia).
Furthermore, Coventry City Council won the British Parking Awards 2020 (BPA – British Parking Association) on the 7th March 2020 for its close collaboration with AppyWay.
Main institution
Coventry City Council
West Midlands, United Kingdom
Start Date
August 2017
End Date
August 2019


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