An automotive engineering development consultancy company providing product engineering, research, testing and certification services to the transport sector.
The unique combination of their advanced testing facilities, engineering expertise and prime location in the heart of the UK automotive industry, ensures customers can develop and validate their technology, or vehicle, in one place.

The Organisation aims to fill main market failures within the sector:

1. Innovation. Transport SMEs are supported by applying advanced engineering, test and validation capabilities to their customers’ challenging programs. Its Testing Facilities are a centre of excellence in Transport R&D.

2. Links to TIER 1 companies. By key engagement with TIER 1 companies, Horiba Mira aims to bring closer the top and bottom of the supply chain. Its multi industry client base includes: automotive, defense, highway and motor-sport clients.

3. Skills gap. Collaborations with key instututions and stakeholders like Coventry University aim to bridge the skills gap – historically a main issue in this industry- (MIRA Technology Institute, with Industry led course content).

Transport SMEs are able to test and validate their initial ideas on product development -innovation-, they can have peer to peer support as well as support around commercialization of their products with linkages to potential buyers in Tier 1 – most companies in Tier 1 are present on the Technology park-. In case of skills gaps or further professional development, employees can be trained on premises too.

Resources needed

Horiba Mira achieved a turnover of £63M during last financial year and attracted major foreign investment in 2015, having being acquired by a group of Japanese investors.

Currently, it has over 620 global staff.

MIRA Technology Institute had an initial funding of £9.5M.

Evidence of success

Since its establishment, it has remained a stable employer in the Midlands region for more than seven decades.
It has Strategic relationships with 35 Transport Companies, all located onsite. MIRA Technology Institute is a Center of Excellence for transport skills development, having developed Industry led course content, aimed at filling the skills’ gap in our area.
Horiba Mira has a suite of 39 major test facilities, 100km of specialized proving ground and wealth of engineering experience.

Potential for learning or transfer

Horiba Mira’s international reach now involves branches in India, Korea, China and Malaysia.

MIRA Technology Park is recognized to be the European leading automotive technology cluster and its format could be easily replicated in other countries.
Main institution
Horiba Mira
West Midlands, United Kingdom
Start Date
January 1946
End Date


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