A collaboration between APPY PARKING -an innovative transport SME- and the Local Authority
The practice is about an innovative transport SME managing to bring its technology to fruition via a collaboration with the Local Authority Coventry City Council. The new technology was tested in a live environment. This was crucial to its application, commercialization and future developments.

AppyParking manufactures a sensor that makes parking easy for everyone. By working so closely with Local Authorities, the SME was able to test the system on a larger scale, in a Local Authority setting, and improved its sensors.

AppyParking invested in the infrastructure themselves, at no cost at the Local Authority.

Coventry City Council offered to trial and test the new technology on 3 small parking areas.

The support by Coventry City Council sped up product knowledge and brought the innovative product to market much faster than what it would have been without the support.
Testing in a live environment also allowed further applications and developments and built upon the initial stage faster, allowing growth from an innovation, design, technical, application and commercial point of views.

Resources needed

Funding was provided by private investors. These funds allowed the sensors to be produced.
Coventry City Council (Local Authority) allowed the use of 3 of its car parks to test the technology, providing a live environment and test bed to trial the innovative technology. No further funding.

Evidence of success

Coventry City Council won the British Parking Awards 2020 (BPA – British Parking Association) on the 7th March 2020.
The Award was achieved for Collaboration between the SME and the Local Authority in developing a digitalised traffic regulation order/ curb site management system.

Potential for learning or transfer

It will support UK wide digital parking, future-proofing cities for mobility as a service. This development will be a showcase as a route to the wider UK and Export Market.

This practice is a great example of how lateral thinking and openness to the introduction of new technologies would facilitate growth and progress of automotive innovations within a local content.

It is a great example of public-private partnership.
Main institution
Coventry City Council
West Midlands, United Kingdom
Start Date
June 2012
End Date
May 2014


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