Hyperion is the first electric low floor train ever to be built in Romania, aiming to reduce costs and increase efficiency regarding the mobility.
The Softronic company is the only producer of locomotives and new electric trains, and is also offering solutions and equipment for their modernization . The newest products are the electric locomotive bi system, capable of circulating on railways with two supply voltages and the Hyperion train. Both products fulfill the requirements regarding the interchangeability on the European railroads, the safety and the comfort of passengers and are part of the register for the rail road means accredited to circulate on the European railroads.
The Hyperion train was built for transportation on rail roads on short and medium distances ( max. 800 km in 24 hours), has a low energetic consumption and is offering optimal travel conditions for a maximum of 200 passengers with a maximum speed of 160 km/h.
The Hyperion electric train is ensuring a regional and inter regional mobility on a radius of 400 km.
It is already connecting Craiova City, the county capital of Dolj County With the Country Capital - Bucharest and with Constanta City, two of the most circulated routes in the southern part of the country.

Resources needed

4.3 Million Euro ( European and National Funds)

Evidence of success

The results that Softronic company is seeking are: the constant increase of the number of passengers, the increased trust in rail road transportation, the increase of the satisfaction of the passengers, increase the business income.
The main achieved indicators:
Train-km = approx. 520.000 km/year
Passenger-km = approx. 4.800.000 /year

Potential for learning or transfer

Having in mind the increasing challenges that the mobility is facing in our era, developing ideas for alternative mobility is the key when tackling the mobility issues. With this project, were created the premises of energy efficiency and environmentally friendly rail road transportation. The train is already operating on the main routes that are connecting the SW Region to the entire country, other countries showing their interest in procuring this time of train built in Craiova. The Hyperion train is adapted for transport conditions in countries like: Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, etc. - The railroad transportation with multi unit trains is suitable both for short distances ( within a region) and also for medium distances ( between regions); can be used in the metropolitan areas ( best practice example : the metropolitan areas of Europe)
Main institution
Softronic Holding
Sud-Vest Oltenia, Romania (România)
Start Date
January 2012
End Date
January 2013


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