The project aims to decongest the urban traffic, reduce the transportation time, eliminate the roadblocks and cross Tg Jiu city in safety conditions.
The investment in transportation infrastructure facilitates the mobility of the population and goods and reduces the transportation costs for passengers and goods. Also, it will improve the access on the regional markets, will increase the efficiency of economic activities, will decrease the time and energy loss while creating conditions for extending the commercial exchanges and implicitly the productive investments.
The development of the transportation network will also facilitate the interregional cooperation and will contribute to the economic growth of the enterprises and of the work force mobility. The main beneficiaries of the practice are the population of the city and the people who transit the city.

Resources needed

Overall budget: 9.728.508,02 euro ( EU contribution 7.440.439,50 euro)

Evidence of success

14,75 km of ring road built
Decongesting the transit traffic for Tg Jiu City.
Achieving optimal conditions for the traffic safety by reducing the traffic accidents, the areas crossed by the new ring road being little or not at all populated.
Improving the surrounding area of the city by reducing the pollution of the environment.

Potential for learning or transfer

Given the fact that the ring road for Targu Jiu Municipality contributes to the improvement of region’s accessibility and population mobility by streamlining the urban traffic, RDA SW Oltenia undertook some major steps towards the competent institutions in the field, in order to be materialized as soon as possible other three ring roads in the region, underlining their importance and necessity. We consider that, starting from the identification of real needs, this practice has potential for replication in other regions, as well.
Main institution
Targu Jiu Municipality
Sud-Vest Oltenia, Romania (România)
Start Date
October 2008
End Date
June 2013


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