ADMA is intended to help SMEs in adopting advanced manufacturing and transforming towards next-generation factories with more modern and sustainable production.
The European Commission initiated the establishment of a virtual European Advanced Manufacturing Support Centre to help SMEs assess the possibility of adopting both advanced manufacturing solutions as well as social innovation strategies thereby transforming their organization towards next-generation factories with more competitive, modern and sustainable production. The consortium includes both technological (TNO in NL, SIRRIS in BE, DTI in DK, Eurecat in ES, CETIM in FR, TECOS in SI and PIAP in PL) and non-technological partners like communication experts (Old Continent, Latitude Events), and outreach and learning network partners (FundingBox, IDEA Consult).
The European ADMA Support Centre is a pilot initiative and operates on the bases of an uniform SME transformation methodology initiated by the successful Made Different initiative in Belgium. The Centre also certificates advisors through train-the-trainer sessions, tests the ADMA transformation methodology across EU, creates peer-to-peer learning networks for champions and organises a Factory of the Future showcase event.

Resources needed

Personal resources: Project coordinator, consultants. The number of consultants depends on the number of targeted companies, about 2-3 PM/company. Infrastructure: Just office.

Evidence of success

Comprehensive and proved methodology; 100 trained advisors and coaches; 316 completed scans; 14 FOF (Factory of the Future) showcases learning network events; 1 final FOF showcase event.

Difficulties encountered

Reaching companies; Fining right consultants for the in-depth part of the project.

Potential for learning or transfer

The European ADMA Support Centre facilitates the access of SMEs to technological, organisational, financial, and business model expertise available within the consortium and their broader ecosystem. As the technological expertise of a downstream SME is often quite limited, they often do not exactly know what knowledge, services and equipment is required for their demand. ADMA therefore centralizes the SMEs´ request and offer a personal contact with Factories of the Future advisors.
ADMA gives access to the Advanced Manufacturing company scan that is a part of comprehensive Europe-wide methodology for assisting SME‘s in transformation towards FOF. The scan covers the following transformation areas: Advanced Manufacturing Technologies, Digital Factory, ECO Factory, End-to-End Customer Focussed Engineering, Human Centred Organization, Smart Manufacturing, and Value-Chain Oriented Open Factory. After completing the scan by the company itself, one can get the help of a local advisor.
Main institution
Łukasiewicz Research Network – Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements PIAP
Mazowieckie, Poland (Polska)
Start Date
June 2018
End Date


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