Cross-sector collaboration between luxury hotels of Starhotels and masters of craftsmanship.
The Good Practice is co-participated by four institutions:
OMA – Osservatorio Mestieri d’Arte – Italy (Florence), Fondazione Cologni dei Mestieri d’arte – Italy (Milan), Gruppo Editoriale – Italy (Florence), and
Starhotels, based in Florence (39 hotels worldwide). The main goal is to promote high craftsmanship by:
• involving skilled masters in project to present their masterpieces
• exhibiting works to wide audiences
• creating lines of La Grande Bellezza-branded artisan products
• supporting and sponsoring specific initiatives and event
The project “La Grande Bellezza” is a call for master craftspeople who are invited to develop products for the luxury hotels of Starhotels. It is an opportunity to promote crafts addressing to a specific target (luxury hotels) and so, exploring new markets (luxury system around these hotels). This is a project that involved various stakeholders from different fields (hotellerie, Foundations, Association, a Publishing Company and Designer). “La Grande Bellezza” contest promotes the high Italian Craftmanship Starhotels through branded product lines, a special award, events, and exhibitions. “La Grande Bellezza” address to match designers with master craftspeople in order to collaborate for developing new ideas, new projects and fit the needs of the high luxury hotels. It is a way to develop a new type of networks, to promote craftsmanship and generate opportunities for future partnership.

Resources needed

Team consists of a group of 4 partners. Moreover, the Designer is preparing “La Grande Bellezza” Collection and press offices then works to prepare the press conferences. Social media Marketing (4 people).

Evidence of success

The project was slowed down due to the particularly difficult moment (covid 19). However, the award involved 131 of the most important Italian Masters who, despite the lockdown, worked to present their masterpieces. The winner received a cash prize to develop the business. The national and international press talked about the 10 finalists and about “La Grande Bellezza” Project. The designer, as influencer, promoted the project on social media.

Difficulties encountered

Art director had some problems producing some fragile glasses in Venice: experimentation is a very important challenge when working with artisan materials.

Potential for learning or transfer

La Grande Bellezza started thanks to nearby partners born in Florence that were already collaborating. Then, they moved to Milan to Fondazione Cologni to increase their skills. The aim of the project is the transition from local to international through the quality and excellence of the handicraft production and artistic masterpieces and the quality of every single project action. The mix and the different nature of the Institutions deployed lead to face always different challenges and to approach different audiences all interested in quality. The customers of 30 hotels around the world can become ambassadors and supporters of the quality and the purchase of artistic craftsmanship in the growing world.

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Main institution
OMA Osservatorio Mestieri d'Arte
Toscana, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
November 2019
End Date
November 2021


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