Promote the know-how of local producers in an offer of rural heritage discovery around the terroir of Taravu, within an interpretation center and tours
The Taravu is a mountainous and rural territory located in the south of Corsica. In order to best promote local know-how and traditions for the purposes of preservation, transmission and promotion of tourism, a study carried out in 2010 recommended that local policies use the identity terroir as a prism for a global offer. From this was born this practice with the creation of an interpretation center dedicated to the local terroir, and discovery tours of local producers all around. An association was created and is in agreement with the local municipality to manage this center and its devices. This center thus makes it possible to gather all the information necessary for this discovery, and to welcome visitors by directing them to the paths of producers. In particular, it has all the arrangements for receiving people with disabilities and school audiences, with equipped spaces and appropriate information media. The association is in a network with schools, producers and local tourism agencies which relay the promotion of this destination, making it possible to best enhance the identity cultural heritage and orient tourism towards it. In addition to the tourism benefit, the practice guarantees the preservation and transmission of traditions and know-how to younger generations, made possible by the interaction between schools and the associative structure created.

Resources needed

The main cost has been the renovation of the interpretation center and its equipment. The expense of the association that runs the center and its facilities is the hiring of a full-time, full-year employee and a small management fee.

Evidence of success

Quantitatively, the number of visitors as well as the number of partnerships are growing every year. 1,500 people have already visited the center since 2015 and the economic impact has been felt among all economic actors, producers, accommodation providers, sellers, etc. The support of elected politicians, producers, schools and economic actors in the area means that the practice continues and is often renewed, with a desire to perpetuate the systems and thus the preservation and transmission.

Difficulties encountered

Difficulties: relationship and reactivity time of funders, low means of the association without it.
Lesson: Attract / invite private funders as well as companies that could also benefit from the practice, such as those in relation with producers

Potential for learning or transfer

This practice is very interesting. In the first place, it allows the foundations to be laid for the development of a rural area far from the major tourist sites, which are more coastal in Corsica. It is also the structuring of this offer based on a cultural symbol of identity, here the charcuterie, which makes it possible to directly highlight the producers and indirectly all the local players who are connected to it and find an economic, social or still educational. Organizing the management of devices (interpretation center, discovery trail) within an autonomous association helps maintain a strong dynamic, independent of changes in local policies. The intersection of the educational aspect, tourism promotion and economic stimulation makes it possible to promote this local know-how and guarantee their preservation through transmission.
Main institution
Amichi di U Mondu Di U Porcu
Corse, France
Start Date
January 2015
End Date


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