The main purpose of the project is to build and raise awareness about the importance of proper waste management.
City of Labin is working intensively and responsibly on preserving the environment so that its citizens can all enjoy the benefits of a clean and healthy environment. The purpose of the „Green Habits for a Sustainable Labin Area“ project is to build and raise awareness of citizens and guests of Labin and municipalities of Labin area about the importance of responsible municipal waste handling, waste prevention, proper household waste separation, household composting, and reusing objects in order to reduce the amount of waste disposed at landfills. 21 activities that were carried out through the project included design and implementation of: leaflets, brochures, posters, specialized TV and radio shows and commercials, specialized website, public educational forums, workshops for children, educational and informative materials for preschool and school children, costumed plays and performances for preschool children, competition in schools, educational picture and coloring books for children, marking dates related to environmental protection, banners for publication on Internet portals, paid advertisements in electronic and print media, leaflets for foreign tourists at tourist centers, workshops for people with disabilities and children with special needs and social media campaigns. As part of the project City of Labin has also joined the initiative of the European Waste Reduction Week and was selected by EWWR Secretariat among the three best projects in Europe.

Resources needed

The total value of the project is 583,808.54 HRK (approximately 77.850 EUR). 496,237.25 HRK was granted from the Cohesion Fund and 52,542.77 HRK was granted from the Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds' Fund for co-financing the implementation of EU projects at regional and local level.

Evidence of success

21 educational and informative activities on sustainable waste management were carried out and 100% of the population of the City of Labin and the municipalities of Kršan, Pićan, Raša and Sveta Nedelja were covered by educational and informative activities. Also the initiative within European Waste Reduction Week was selected by EWWR Secretariat as one of the three best projects in Europe.

Potential for learning or transfer

Green Habits is the first comprehensive project that involved all citizens of Labin area and put emphasis on its youngest members. It raised importance of responsible waste management. It can be used as example of best practice for other local communities.
Main institution
City of Labin
Jadranska Hrvatska, Croatia (Hrvatska)
Start Date
May 2018
End Date
January 2020


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