The restoration of Stupinigi hunting routes as cultural, but also, functional asset.
This GP regards the restoration of a part of the hunting routes inside the Natural Park of Stupinigi. It is Savoia Family Royal Hunting House and It is located just at the gates of Turin, the capital city of the Piedmont Region. Stupinigi is a wide complex made up by: the hunting lodge (a castle), the garden surrounding it and the park where the hunting roads are located. The restoration project funded by the ROP ERDF 2007-2013 Piedmont Regional Authority under the axis III – Territorial Restoration, Activity III.1.1 – Protection of the natural and cultural assets aims at:
- contributing to the protection and conservation of the park area and its safety; providing design, implementation and maintenance methods; - contributing to the maintenance and rediscovery of part of the hunting roads, integrating the existing cultural tourism offer.
Moreover, the restoration project brought several added values to the area from different points of view:
- historical and cultural (since the hunting roads are part of one of the historical residences of the Piedmonts Royal Family);
- environmental (since the natural elements of the Park need a requalification and maintenance to manage the anthropic impacts on it);
- educational, since it is used for school's activities;
- social (since the complex represents a symbol of the territory).

Resources needed

Total ammount for the intervention: € 2.822.266,23

Evidence of success

In addition to the undisputed cultural value, the restauration project highlighted also the functional value of the area as an important agricultural and forestry asset, essential to defend the forest heritage and as a potential successful sports and leisure activities hub.

Difficulties encountered

Two main challenges have been individuated. The first one regards the governance of the site as a complex multilevel system. The second challenge regards limited accessibility and a security problem that the area suffers from.

Potential for learning or transfer

Restoring Stupinigi hunting roads is a wide - raging project aimed to restoring the cultural value of the area but also, and above all, giving to it a functional added value. So, the Regional Authority decided to fund not only the inner hunting roads but also the links with the municipalities that originally belonging to park.

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Main institution
Piedmont region
Piemonte, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
January 2007
End Date
January 2013


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