Local Museum in which the traditional cultural heritage meets the interactive multimedia systems to provide the visitor with a unique experience
The aim of the Museum exhibition is to narrate, through emblematic and evocative objects and especially by using interactive multimedia systems, the hilly and fluvial landscape of the Langa and Roero.
Particularly, the Museum intends to illustrate and critically investigate the recent period of this area, marked by deep and often disruptive transformations that have disrupted the spatial-temporal constitutive signs and rhythms that define the ethnic features of this region. In order to finalise that aim, the Museum has identified some thematic areas and on which develop the history of the memories, the hills, the river etc..
So, the exhibition allows the visitor to "immerse himself" in the landscape by taking different temporal paths. For example, the visitor is able to navigate the Tanaro in a setting of the early twentieth century, when the river was populated by fishermen, ferrymen and hemp macerators or to navigate among the rows of a vineyard to understand its transformations over time and how these have affected the local landscape. Furthermore, the visitor is also able to visit the future of the area, exploring the effects that economic, productive and constructive choices will be able to produce on the territory.

Resources needed

1.400.000 euro ROP ERDF 2007-2013

Evidence of success

It is an expression of the cultural heritage of a specific territory inscribed in the WHL of Unesco. Furthermore, the Museum makes possible to strengthen the tourist and cultural offer of the territory, enhance the local cultural heritage and raise public awareness of the theme of the landscape in order to encourage virtuous processes of protection and transformation of the territory, more so in consideration of its uniqueness.

Difficulties encountered

It is a very small Museum and specifically linked with the cultural heritage of a limited territory. So, we can define as niche museum and for this reason it results particularly challenging to reach a wide number of vistors.

Potential for learning or transfer

"The theater of the landscape" is the evocative name chosen for the new cultural phase of the territory: the precious traditional museum collection is combined with modern technologies and immersive simulations to renew the story of the environment and the territory. The result is an interactive museum, in continuous dialogue with the surronding environment. Furthermore, it is a public Museum managed by a volunteer association.

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Main institution
Landscape Museum of Magliano Alfieri
Piemonte, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
January 2008
End Date


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