This program consists replacing old non-ecological heat sources with renewable solid fuels with other by people suffering from energy poverty.
The Clean Air program 2018-2029 has a main goal to reduce air pollution and reduce energy consumption. It can be said that the basic source of this program is the replacement of old non-ecological heat sources with renewable solid fuels with other heat sources.
To take advantage of this, you need to be the owner or co-owner of a single-family residential building with a specific income as of today (depending on which income group) and then proceed with the implementation or modernization, first of all by replacing the heat source, but you can also get a subsidy for replacement of windows or thermal modernization, i.e. wall insulation, modernization of ventilation, as well as modernization of central heating and domestic hot water, and - which was introduced after May 15, 2020 - photovoltaic installation, if it is also carried out together with the replacement of the heat source.
This program is important because it contributes significantly to the fight against energy poverty: the replacement of an ineffective heat source helps to save energy and reduce bills, and the possibility of simultaneous use of renewable energy sources makes our Clean Air program additionally a part of the POWERTY project goals.

Resources needed

Total of 229 million euros of national funds:140 million euros: Subsidies (including those granted under the “STOP Smog program”), loans for municipalities and thermomodernization tax relief. 89 million euros: Bank loans.

Evidence of success

In November 2020, a total of 4,943 applications were approved. Including 129 applications for photovoltaic installations for the total amount of 601,928 euros, biomass boiler: 1,278 units, gas condensing boiler: 1,159 units, heat pump: 1,024 units and coal boiler: 677 units.

Difficulties encountered

There is no official definition of energy poverty in Poland, so there are no indicators.
Poland needs to improve air quality, which results, inter alia, from the European Green Deal. Then, the replacement of non-ecological furnaces brings an improvement in air quality already

Potential for learning or transfer

The project can be inspiring because it reduces pollution through the replacement of ineffective heat sources and increases the use of renewable energy sources by the poor. In conjunction with the STOP smog program, it is an ideal way to combat energy poverty in single-family and even multi-family housing.
The procedures this year have been significantly simplified, which has translated into the number of applications submitted so far.

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Main institution
Provincial fund for environmental protection and water management in Opole
Opolskie, Poland (Polska)
Start Date
September 2018
End Date


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