Reduction of pollution emissions from single family houses thermo-modernization, replacement of heat sources. Support for people affected by energy poor people
The program is for municipalities / cities that have a problem with air quality and have a documented bad air condition.
Reduction of pollutant emissions from single-family houses, insulations and replacement of heat sources from 2019 to 2024.
An example of the maximum facilitation for energy-poor citizens, who usually have limited knowledge about energy efficiency and sources of financing. Real support in the fight against energy poverty is the STOP SMOG program which gives a 100% subsidy to replace of high-emission heat sources and insulations in residential buildings connection to the heating or gas network of energy-poor people in cities with more than 100,000 inhabitants.
The key actors of the program are the municipalities, who are the investors and the residents who are the beneficiaries (energy-poor people). The residents have to submit an application (signs a contract) to the municipality and they take care of the rest of the formalities. This is the first step for energy poor people to think about using renewable energy in their everyday lives.
It is a project that together with “Clean Air program” form a coherent whole.

Resources needed

• Total funds: 270 million€, up to 70% from the state budget and up to 30% of the municipality's budget (including the residents' own contributions, if any).
• In each municipality at least 2 employees. In Opole 4 employees of the Provincial Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management.

Evidence of success

During nearly 2 years of the program:
• Over 50 million of PLN 1.2 billion was spent, approximately 4 % from the budget of the program.
• 1,000 single-family houses were benefited.

Difficulties encountered

There is no official definition of energy poverty in Poland, so there are no indicators related to energy poverty to measure.
At the moment, Municipalities in Opolskie voivodeship have not joined this program yet because changes are being made to the program in order to include provisions in it .

Potential for learning or transfer

The STOP SMOG program is a good practice towards cleaner air in our region through improve the energy efficiency in buildings (insulated buildings and replaced ineffective heat sources) for the poorest people, who have difficulties in applying for funds on their own and then settling them in other aid programs. People suffering from energy poverty will be fully financed with the costs of thermal modernization.

This good practice is easy to implement in other countries because for the renovation and all documentation is responsible the investor, which is the Municipality. Energy poor people only have to make available their own houses.

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Main institution
Provincial fund for environmental protection and water management in Opole
Opolskie, Poland (Polska)
Start Date
May 2019
End Date
December 2024


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